Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So things have been going pretty darn well lately.  Aside from the sleeping aspect of things.  But hey, beggars are not choosers!  Besides I’ve really not been any more tired for it during the day. 

I’ve been having some pretty decent days, dare I say great?  I don’t know if I am willing to go that far but things have been nice.   My joints seem to be holding together a bit better lately.. less painful for sure!  THRILLED about this!  I am thinking also that the Radio Frequency Ablation that I had done may be finally kicking in!  Which dare I say… ITS ABOUT TIME!.. 

If this is the case that will mean a few months of really working to get stronger followed by a few months of GREAT… and then the injections will start wearing off again.  But hey, things could be worse right.  Pray that the injections are truly kicking in.  I’ve not been doing anything to irritate my neck to bad so I am still not sure.  I hate to irritate my neck just to test the waters.  I could land myself in bed for weeks again and that would suck! 

So for now I am being hopeful! 

I have lots of things I want to write about.  So many in fact.  I even have started several posts and have saved them to finish later.  But I really want to talk most about my nifty day today! 

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been feeling this well..  I’ve had three days of less than regular pain levels.  My joints also seem to be having less fits.  Although I still have to watch it.  I am really learning what can slip one of my legs or arms out of the socket and I’ve really worked hard at avoiding this.  Some of it can not be avoided.  But I am doing the best I can and it is helping! 

So yesterday I finally got to do some shopping yesterday.  I got new socks!  New Undies.. Bra.. more girl personal items that Jason prefers not to buy… Shampoo, toothpaste, workout shorts, full length mirror.. ( I haven’t had one for YEARS ) Barrettes, cotton pads… Just all of the little things that make my life nicer. 

I am so happy!  I was even able to walk with Luka through the store, and Jason pushed the cart.  Nice!  He was quite patient and everything!  I tried to be a good girl and stick to my list so we didn’t spend the whole night in the store.  Luka is a bit rusty, we haven’t been out and about for months… so he was a bit distractible.  All in all it went very good! 

Today, I have been busy!  I did some dishes, made pizza.. ( I really need a standing mixer.  The hand mixer is to wobbly for me to control, especially with pizza dough.  I managed to spray pizza dough all over the kitchen because I couldn’t hold the mixer in the bowl.. Oops..)..

I even made bread in the bread machine.  I need to freeze 1/2 of that I think.  I did however eat to much all day today!  My friend R came over and ate lunch with me.  She eats Gluten Free too! 

Now not that I have ever been a fabulous hostess… but I seem to be lacking in the remembering department lately..  Lets just say she helped me get through my cooking a bit easier!  We did not end up with anything burnt.. so I’d say the meal was a success!  The company was fabulous!  So that was awesome!  We talked family photography and more.  Gotta love girlfriends! 

I also managed to do a shower and a bath by myself.  Although I  am not sure the shower today was the best choice.. Being dizzy in the shower really does not make for a great experience.  However all went well and I was clean for the day! 

Being so excited about my friend popping over really set the pace for the day.  I couldn’t seem to settle down, so Luka and I went for a walk.  Not sure that was the best idea for us to do on our own either just yet.  But we did.  We both survived!  1/2 way through the walk I was thinking “My God, who can I call I am dizzy and hot” of course the place I had chosen to sit was in the sun..  I used to do well in the heat and sun, up until this year.  Something has shifted and I feel crummy now in much heat. 

I did get up from my sitting spot and go lean on a fence in the shade for a while.  That helped.  We made it home.  Luka was hot too.  I’d put his cooling vest on him underneath his pack.  So we made our journey, both hot and tired, but feeling accomplished!  Not to shabby!

Been resting other than this.  I did over do a bit.  It was worth it!  I wonder what tomorrow holds?  I am excited!  And now I am tired! 


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