Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In CaSe oF eMeRgEnCy...

Hormones.  I am having way to many of them today.  Yuck!  I really hate being an emotional mess.  I actually liked it better before when I would never cry at anything.  I was stone cold.  I know that is not healthy, but wow, did it make my life so much easier.

I just finished watching a movie called "My Best Friend" it is a French film with subtitles and all.  I loved it.  I so identified with the main character.  I think parts of my life before were somewhat like that.  Although I have always had good friends, I seem to have trouble actually making them.  But boy once I find those friends do I try hard to stay in touch.

Life has funny ways of making that difficult.  Moving, Kids, Jobs, Husbands...  Time Money and Distance can be real friend killers.  I guess that is why making the extra effort to stick it out no matter what is worth it.  It sure is not easy.

I do have some great friends.  I am darn lucky.  I just wish they all lived closer!  Then I am just sure I wouldn't need so many M&M's!.

Jason is such a doll.  I had posted that I was going to make Watermelon Juice on Twitter, he was worried because he thought I was making the Watermelon drink from The Anchor Inn..  No dear, my drink has no booze.  It is juice and maybe a little sugar and stuff, but no intoxicants.  Although now that you mention it I haven't been to Anchor Inn in FOREVER, and a trip to the river might be just the thing to lift this girls spirits?  Where are the Fishhead's playing??    Oh, bummer that is exactly where they are playing tonight... guess we will have to catch them there next summer...

Since I couldn't lift the watermelon out of the bottom shelf of the fridge, well we are all safe.  Jason feeling better about my choice of drinks.. said that he'd be glad to get the watermelon out for me when he gets home tomorrow.  I am glad!  So is he.  He thought I was going to start drinking on my own at home alone..  Yeah,,. No!

Not going down that path of misery, thank you very much!  He called we talked, he fixes things much better than a bowl of M&M's.... but they will do in cases of emergency!

Hope you are liking the new web page for now.  I even managed to make a new section.  There is a tab at the top.. More About Pink Doberman   

Feeling Blessed,
Pink Doberman


Linda Graham said...

3 AM, Tonja? I hope they find something so you can get some rest.

Pink Doberman said...

I do sleep normally occasionally! But not regularly. Hate those pills.