Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FoCuS.. & MoRe SuGrU!

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Spare time… Yes this is what he does in his spare time.  I love these pictures.  He is fiddling with focus!  Simple things make life so much better!  I love his feet!



And myself… well this is what I do in my spare time… SUGRU to the RESCUE!!! Another quandary, I have struggled with the belt hanger I inherited from my sister in the ‘90’s…  Hey it works.. except for some areas work better than others at holding the belts on..

June July 2010 430 Web


June July 2010 428 Web

Second project!  I did this one pretty fast with the left over SUGRU from my first Hack.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE Sugru??  Well I do!

They are working great now…  except for the fact that I broke another hook off.. so I guess I will be doing yet another hack to my ancient belt holder!  Where is that Orange Sugru?



June July 2010 303

Like my attempt to focus?  I did get the shot.. but shooting through glass does come with a slight learning curve.  =) 





Yes… still awake.  So more posts I will make!  Wish I were asleep…  my sheep just won’t leap.  Where do I go from here???  A bit crazy I fear.  As my mind starts to run away.. dear sleep please come my way! 

Legs please stop your pain.  This can really be a drain.  I’d love to drift and snore.  Really, sleep please knock on my door. 

He’s still here curled up by me… so cute as can be.  His slight snore as he snuggles more, he rolls and snores some more. 

Where is my missing sleep… please do not release my sheep.  I’ve counting yet to do.  one… two…


Hugs and Blessings to you! 

Pink Doberman

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