Monday, July 5, 2010

Yesterday went rather well!  I had an appointment with a new Dr.  That appointment was insightful!  I like this guy.  He explained what is going on with me in an easy to understand manner.  I am so grateful for that.  He and is assistant were just wonderful.  Jason even liked him, we had a good laugh, afterward about the issue of sleep, and getting "quality" sleep. 

I have not been sleeping.  Not well and not much.  It is a little ridiculous.  Even when I sleep it is not as if I have actually had any sleep.  Jason of course is quite similar.  With his job, he often is not getting good sleep either.  Just on that basis alone, it is amazing that we are still married.  We both could be awfully grumpy due to our lack of sleep at times, we seem to both be able to control our attitudes..  He better than me of course..  =) 

After the Dr. appointment I took my pain meds.  Jason is always frustrated by  me not taking them before I go in to see the Dr.  I just don't think they can properly get a feel for why I am taking them in the first place if I have them in my system.  Besides.  I hate taking my pain meds.  Yesterday I broke down and took them twice.  It ended up being the best day I have had in a long time.  ( I should take them more often I guess.) 

I just hate it though, taking them I feel so awful at first, until they start to acclimate with my body.  When I come off of them it is hard too.  They put me on a roller coaster.  I don't want to stay on them because I don't want my body dependent on them.  But I want to feel better and do more things.  I definitely don't want to take increasing amounts of them because my body has built a tolerance either.  I don't know what the answer is. 

For now I will keep doing it as I have been.  When I am home alone I will just rest and ice with out pain meds as much as possible.  When I have someone to drive me about and can go do things, I will take them as needed.  I guess this is the best I can do for now. 

Yesterday after I took my pain meds, I had a much better day!  Thank you pain medication!  Jason ran a few errands and I got my phone fixed..  (well they ordered the new battery I am needing).  Had a professional financial appointment.  Got home in time for Jason to go out and help with a huge fire... (although that meant he missed the photography class I had registered him for) 

I guess that is one of the downsides to being a fire fighter.  I knew if he went on to the class that he'd not learn a thing, but sit there feeling guilty he was not out helping to fight and save someone's house on fire.  We'd paid for the class, he gets no refund, and he did not get paid for fighting the fire.  But it was the right decision.  Although frustrating. 

Friends came by, one with her girls who really like seeing Luka, and another with his daughter and they took me out to eat!  Yippee!!  We went to Parkers BBQ they don't have a Gluten Free Menu, not yet anyway.  But they did make me a great meal that was Gluten FREE!  Yippee!! 

I even brought home leftovers!  I will probably eat them today.. Although after my shake this morning, I am only hungry for watermelon.  So that is my lunch today..  A huge bowl of watermelon balls!!  MMMMM!!

Jason even washed the sheets, and hung them on the line to dry!  I love it when he uses the line to dry things!!  I sometimes do but getting them out there is difficult.  I am posting on Facebook today that I have FREE GARDEN Plants to go to someones home.  We are not going to get them planted.  I am sure of it, even thought the garden is completely ready for them. 

I can't even get my strawberries picked so out there they are sitting.  Hopefully that will mean they will start more plants and I can have a huge strawberry bed next year!!  That would be nice! 

I am going to keep the onions, to hopefully get planted this fall to have spring onions again.  I hope someone wants some plants. 

I am also still hoping to get the herbs potted into a container.  I would like to grow them inside.  I think I won't even put them outside for long. 

Here is to next years garden.  If at first you don't succeed try again next year!  =)  ( I already have tons of seeds that I bought for this year too.. so I guess next year I should just plant those I won't be out as much money if I do that. 

Well anyway, I had a good day yesterday!  I think today is going to be a good one too.  I am just going to try to stay awake so I can hopefully sleep tonight! 

Pink Doberman

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