Thursday, July 8, 2010

SeRViCe DoG My LuKa ~ NeBrAsKa StAtE LeGiSlaToR KaTe SuLLiVaN

It has been a while since I last posted what Luka actually helps me with.  I'd really like him to help with more things, but at his age I am thrilled that I have him to help me at all!!  I do have an application in to get another dog trained for me, but it has been FOREVER!  I have still not heard a word if they have found a dog suitable or not to train for me etc..  Ugg! 

At any rate all of that aside.  I do have fabulous wonderful loyal Luka.  He is a Blue Doberman Pincher, he is 11 years old, and he has bad allergies.  Allergic to grass,  mold, dirt, barley, wheat, eggs, etc.. the list is long and the things he is allergic to just cannot be completely avoided. 

He eats a special diet consisting of Taste of the Wild  dog food.  Isagenix powdered shake mix, and a supplement we get from the vet.  This seems to work.  He also eats apples, bananas, pears, etc. as well as Beef Liver and Sweet Potato treats.

This is what we have figured out for now at least. 

Luka can tell before I can when I am going to be getting a migraine.  He can tell soon enough for me to take my medication and for it to begin to work when the migraine starts affecting me.  There for the down time is substantially less!  And the medication is much much much more effective!  Less medication needed with a greater success record!  I just love that!  THANK YOU LUKA!

In addition to this he also helps me up and down stairs.  I have difficulty negotiating stairs.  I need two railings to hang on to, but most places only have one and some have none.  There fore Luka is great to have next to me to help me down and up the stair cases. 

He also helps me with getting up and down from chairs or the floor, sometimes I can and sometimes I can't do it myself.  So I just really love knowing that he is right by my side if I need him. 

He does some other things too.  But that is what he does mostly for me.  My next dog I will have do a lot more.  Like helping me get things from the floor, loading the laundry machine, help with opening doors etc. 

I can't wait for that, but I am so grateful that Luka has been with me and I have a better life because of it.  So does Jason!  Being at my side "LITERALLY" all of the time for him can get old.  Jason knows with Luka around that I will be alright!  Peace of mind is a great thing! 

Lots of other people have service dogs or assistance dogs that do many other things!  They are so special and wonderful!  They are allowed anywhere that the public is allowed.  USA FEDERAL LAWS   

In fact each state usually offers additional protections!  Nebraska's laws are outdated and not as clear, but since the federal law overrides state law in this case they are not even worth really pointing out.  Except for the fact that Nebraska State Legislator Kate Sullivan is working to revamp the existing law!  I am helping her do that.. You can too!  Contact her here, she'd love to have your input!!

Things are happening, contact her soon to be heard!  You do have a voice!

Pink Doberman

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