Monday, November 29, 2010


I am easily distracted by shiny things.  I am easily distracted period.  Lately this seems to be going to extremes.  I haven’t taken control of my eating lately.  I am doing the whole GF thing, as I am in major pain if I don’t do that.  I am going to have to get tough with myself again.  I know how hard it is to change and to do things you don’t necessarily want to do.  Especially the things that are “good for you” when the “bad” seems more fun!  I think part of it eating right.  But I also need to get my emotions in check.  I think I am emotionally eating, and I need to find another outlet for those darn things. 

Thanksgiving was great!  We had a great time with family!!  I ordered a Turkey to be made for me Gluten Free!  I ordered it from BW’s it is a place you should totally order your food from!  Check it out, Brian caters, delivers, or you can pick it up, which is what we do.  He makes things GF for me!  Woot!!!  And the food that he makes is totally amazing!  TOTALLY!! 

In addition to that Jason made my favorite Cornbread Dressing for me!  It has yams, parsnips, celery, cranberries, apricots, plums, etc in it!  It is to die for as well!  Jason totally rocked it!  I nearly killed myself as well as destroyed our kitchen in the process of making pumpkin bread.  But I have to say it was totally worth it.  Even though I had to toss half of the recipe because I didn’t bake it right.  Oh well.  Thank goodness I have others around me who can cook!  Jason’s mom made some great food I could eat as well.  So I sure did not starve!  In fact I ate so much I slept the entire Thanksgiving afternoon by the fire place! 

So I am working on some photo projects!  That has been super fun.  I am a bit behind at the moment.  I feel.  But I plan to get caught up this week.  I wish I could work on some sort of schedule.  But just do what I can when I can.  That is the way it has to be.  I’ve got great friends and family who are adapting to this and we will all make it through.

I’ve gotten new bird food.  Jason is going to put some more hangers out for me for the winter.  I like to sit and listen and watch the birds.  I usually don’t have the TV on.  I do sometimes of course.  I’ve started listening to my own radio stations on Pandora!  That is fun!!  If you haven’t tried it you should!  It is free!! 

I have done a little online shopping as well.  I found some winter boots for Jason.  He had to toss his last year as the rubber split.  They were super old.  I also found some socks for him and some shirts.  I bought a black ruffled skirt for me.  I hope it fits, otherwise I will have to donate it to my sister.  I should find some things to wear that aren’t black.  I am trying to find things that are in bright colors.  I just am always drawn to black and red.  I do now have white clothes.  I really have what ever I can find at the best price.  I guess that comes first.  =D  That being said, I think everyone needs to donate some more things to thrift stores so I can find some more things to wear!!  Ha!

The sights I mentioned in my previous post led me to the savings on socks for Jason and his shirts.  (It is very hard to find clothing for men at the thrift stores.—I think they always wear their stuff out.)  That is where I found some shirts for him as well and that skirt!! 

I have been looking at the cyber deals as well.  I think I have found an external hard drive for us.  I have found lots of other things but we don’t “need” them so they are going to be for someone else!!  I told Jason that it made me feel good to do the shopping.  I can do something that contributes.  I hate paying for shipping so I most usually don’t do any online shopping unless I can find free shipping.  Right now many places are offering it so it is better!  I have found things for Christmas Presents as well!  Woot!  I am going to get all of this done! 

So much easier for Jason if I can do it, and more fun for me too, as I love to shop, just since the accident it is no longer fun to do it in person.  It is a laborious chore.  I miss the carefree shopping experiences.  I guess the online version is the next best thing!!  We did however go to a home fixing store and got ourselves a new outside door!  Which is totally exciting!  We’ve one more outside door to replace but the worst ones are done now!  Or will be in a matter of days!  We also got ourselves a long overdue humidifier.  We finally broke down and did it.  I hope it helps me to not have bloody noses through the winter!  I remember Mom & Dad would always have one running in our house.  I was always getting bloody noses… and with the Ehlers Danlos diagnosis it all figures in. 

I have created and ordered our holiday cards.  If you want one make sure to get me your address.  I haven’t mailed out cards in YEARS!!!  I have a bad address list, but I am working at it.  I am in need of everyone’s addresses.  It took me some time to figure out how to do the whole template thing.  But I’ve got it down now!  I am ready to go. 

Now if my computer will just keep up!  Hee Hee!

Glasses update:  I about feel forward yesterday.  Which is a very new thing for me.  I am always loosing my balance and falling backward.  It was a good feeling to be going forward more.  I can catch myself a whole lot easier with my toes when I head forward.  I’ve been wearing my glasses most all of the time.  I take them off occasionally to let my eyes breathe.. Ok I know that sounds weird.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  It feels like the glasses need to come off and then soon it feels like I need to put them back on.  So that is what I do.

I go in this week to get checked again.  Dumb insurance company is messing around with paying my bills.  Ugg!

Birds:  We’ve been feeding better food, and the birds are FLOCKING to my feeders!  I am having very happy birds!  I love it.  It is so nice to see so many friends at my window.  They even have begun watching as I fill the feeders for them.  I am trying something different as well.  I made a piece of pottery.  It is a platter.  I filled it with nuts, and seeds and will be setting it on the ground.  I guess cardinals and doves like to eat down there.  I’ve also asked Jason to make me a feeder for woodpeckers, he is also interested in making some sort of squirrel feeder too.  More for his amusement than for feeding.  But that works for me, as I’d like to have the squirrel around more. 

Phew!  Well that is all for now!  I am going to get back to deciding what everyone is getting for Christmas! 


Pink Doberman

Monday, November 22, 2010

ShOpPiNG SaLeS! pLaCeS tHaT oFfEr HuGe SaViNgs & DeSiGnEr iTeMs!

I am excited!  Super excited!!  I love designers!  I love unique things.  I really love high quality things, things that are made to last, things that are always in style.  Beautiful things to gift to others that you know they will be over the moon for!

I love great deals!  I love Love LOVE nice things!  It is not that I don’t feel that the retail price for things isn’t deserved.  It is the fact that we live on a very limited budget, I want to stay with in our budget.  In doing so I utilize sales and discounts to get the great things life has to offer.

I think many others may also be like me.  So in the spirit of saving I am sharing these links with you.  In the spirit of saving, I am also sharing these links with you as I get a little gift from each of these places if you decide to get things from these places as well.  Use these links and you may also get a discount for getting their deals! 

These are designer links.  Check them out!  The things that are offered are so nice!  Click on the links below or copy and paste them to your browser.  They are all free to sign up with.  One has a membership you can also UPgrade by paying a fee to shop earlier so things aren’t sold out.  I use the free version!

DESINGER LINKS  This site features a little of everything.  This sight features mostly clothes shoes and accessories.   This site has home furnishings.


This link will feature businesses close to where you live! 


Please note they will send you emails everyday regarding what sales they are doing each day.  Things will sell out on the designer sites each day.  They only offer these products for a period of about 24 hours.  So if you see something you want you should act on it immediately.  I don’t check out the sales every day, in fact I delete them quite often with out looking at them. 

So give them a try see what you think!  Additionally if you get signed up you to can refer friends so then you will get a gift from the company, and so will they!  Then you can do some more shopping for free.


Pink Doberman

Monday, November 15, 2010


Well this is a subject I’ve been avoiding.  Mine. 


I mean I’ve been doing the basic things.. moving as much as tolerated, and eating reasonably well.  Except…


And this is where the truth hurts.


I’ve been referred to get more tests done.  I don’t want to.

I’ve come past some dates of getting some yearly exams/or biannual exams done..  I don’t want to do that either.

I’ve been eating well, except: Money had been tight and I was eating less, probably nutritionally starving myself, I was full, ate three times a day, but not the richest in vitamins of foods.  And I’d cut back on what was working for me quite well. 

Physical Therapy has become far and few between, mostly because I’ve been to weak to endure the trips to the office, partly because of timing and lack of rides to therapy. 

The truth hurts but not more than I have been hurting myself.  My nails have grown weaker, so I know my body isn’t taking in the nutrients it needs.  I am exhausted, my intestines are out of control, I’ve not been able to think, let alone write.  I have now thoroughly beaten myself up with wet noodles and am getting myself back on track! 

This all and I keep over doing myself.  Oh the joys.  I am zealous in my efforts, I wish I was as consistent as I am zealous!  =D



Self examination keeps our heads screwed upon straight.  Keep in mind my examination may be faulty, but at least I am doing the best I can.  I find that looking into what I’ve been doing and why keeps me moving forward, even though it seems as it is one step forward and two steps back some days.  I am doing better than I have been in years! 

I have hope, I keep wearing the glasses, today I actually felt shorter as I walked out into the garage.  I guess this is a good thing since my center of gravity has been centered way to high.  Let’s hope my path is fruitful.


I remember not so long ago that I would just pray to God to let me die.  I couldn’t move, I was always medicated out of my mind, the pain was not able to be controlled, and I was loosing my marriage.  ( I don’t mean that Jason was going to leave, I mean that I couldn’t even carry on a conversation let alone be a wife of any sort) 

I saw no end to what I was going through and did not want to be such a burden.  It was during this time that I and Jason were completely isolated.  Jason is not a sharer of information.  I couldn’t share the information, and no one knew what we were going through for years.  He used to come home and check to see if I was still breathing. 

I am not sharing this for me.  I am sharing this for you.  I share because I know that others may be going down a different path, but may still feel the hopelessness, the isolation, the stinging feeling as if you don’t matter to much of anyone. 

In today's society we have been taught not to pry, to not be nosey, the stigma’s of the nosey neighbor have gone the other direction into indifference and it now seems to be taboo in some circles to openly share and care. 

This comes at a price.  It is a steep price.  It is also there for protection.  I can imagine that today if I were in the physical/mental shape to be seeking a job, that it would be fair to assume that if someone googled me that I may not be hired based upon what I have been through, as well as the thoughts that I have shared, and the openness that I’ve created. 

On the same note, there may be employers out there that may be delighted to have an employee that has these qualities.  It is all a matter of perspective.  One of my favorite Photographers Jasmine Star, says that by what she shares she attracts and repels people, but that she is living her life authentically and that is just fine with her.   ( I paraphrased)  I love this philosophy, I’ve had this philosophy my whole life.  I am not looking to be best friends with everyone.  I do not have a personality that meshes with everyone.  No one does.  I am not concerned about repelling a few people.  If I were to repel someone, I would much rather have it be based on who I am than what I pretend to be.

Additionally I gravitate toward people who have opinions.  People who have their own opinions and reasons behind them.  I don’t always share their opinions but I at least know where they stand.  Wishy washy people, people that are pleasers, that tell everyone what they want to hear… they can go fly a kite for as much as I am concerned.  Those people cause me more harm than good, and if you are one of them to me you’ll soon find I am not going to hang in your space once I figure it out. 

See… all of these pent up thoughts are finally making their way out my fingertips.  I really haven’t had writers block, but lack of energy to write. 

Watch out!  There is more!


That’s it for now.  I am thoroughly beating myself up with piles of wet noodles.  It is a bit slippery in here these days so watch your step, I might have moved them.



Pink Doberman

Sunday, November 14, 2010

SuNdAy uNqUaLiFiEd SeRmOn

Living your life like it is your last.  Lets just suppose you didn’t believe in eternal life, coming back as another life, or all of those sorts of things.  ( I am not asking for a discussion on this matter, just merely creating a situation) 

The life you are living right now was IT!  All there is all there was and all that there ever will be.  There is no dream or hope for another life after this one. 


Would you decide to do things differently? 


Would you choose to react to people differently?


How would your judgment of others be affected?


Would you choose to think differently? 


Would you use your time differently?


What would you want your legacy to be?


I’d really like you to think about these things from this perspective for a minute.   Seriously.

You might even want to write things down if you find that you would.  (it always helps me to do that)


I found that for me personally the thought of having another life beyond this life somehow can take you off the hook.  Let me live a little less.  Those that know me well, know that for all I do in my mind living a small life is not my idea of a great life.  I am not saying a small life is wrong, it just isn’t for me. 

But somehow knowing that I’d get to “do it again” or “have another life in heaven” really kind of takes away the importance of living this life in he hear and now the best I can.  It also places a comfortable box around what I should and shouldn’t do so I get the “chance” at a next and better life.

This box, can also get a bit stifling if you consider all of the things that others start piling into it.  Their expectations for you based on their beliefs and value systems, the laws of the land, the rules in which you follow for safety… the list goes on. 

Now I am not saying that these things are unimportant.  I am not saying that I am wanting to break rules.  In general I like rules and guidelines.  I do however think that it is important to examine how these rules and guidelines, are affecting this life I am living today.

Am I allowing these things to impede my thinking?  To impede my sense of caring what happens to others.  To allow me the moral ground to stand upon with which to choose to not offer my forgiveness.  (Keep in mind, I consider forgiveness and trust two totally separate things)  What if the lack of forgiveness translates into judgments that are based upon values that have been piled high in my box from others of their values their thoughts, their fears. 

What if some of these things are causing me to cause harm to others.  What if these things are holding me back from living my best life right now. 

What if I could forgive, without trusting, but offer a person hope of a second chance.  What if I was strong enough to stand beside someone who’s path had gone wrong who everyone had abandoned because it was the right thing to do.  Not because I had trust in the person, not that I placed faith in that person.  But because that person was in need.  Because it might change the path of that person sometime in the future. 

Not that I would gain anything more from this than a sense of humanity. 

I think there is also a time for letting people go to find their own path.  I am mostly just speaking personally about me. 


I have found this experience of becoming physically disabled easier to speak about, as well as more difficult to handle.  I don’t have the answers.  But what I don’t want to find myself having done is to live this life complacently, having just followed the rules, and done the status quo, because I am waiting for the next life. 

I am reminded by the parable of the three sons who were given different amounts of money by their father.  I may have the least, but I am going to work to turn it into the most.  It may not be the greatest life ever lived, but I am fighting each day to live the best life I can muster.


What if this life was the only life you were to get?    Can you make a choice to over come your obstacles, your thoughts, your complacency, your doubt, your fears, others attitudes of you, lack of time management?

Can you make a choice to create purpose, happiness, forgiveness, faith, delight, meaning, passion?

What do you want your best life to be?  (write it down)  Create it and start now, start here!  Even if this is your last day of life, make it your best, give it your all!

Live your best life now & when the day comes that another even better one that you just lived is waiting for you, imagine how much more amazing that one will be!


Pink Doberman



I hope this makes sense.  I hope you choose to take the time to figure out what you want, and set about making that a reality.  We are able to dream for a reason, if your dreams seem empty, they may be the wrong dreams for your life.  Grab on to some new ones!  Life is full of possibilities, don’t let your life be defined go out and create the definitions!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

CrEaTiVe LiVe… RoCkEd My DaY!!

Today was a simple day.  I thought we might get out, I thought I might get out.  After a bath that wasn’t to be.  So I am resting again.  I am not miserable, just weak.  My stomach is still not coming on line either.  So I will just wait it out. 

Life is full of mystery, plans get changed and surprises happen, and life is a mystery.  All in all today was a good day.  I am learning more new things online.  Which was super fun.  I watched yet another online class on    You really should check this out! 

Todays class was on photo gifts.   I learned of many cool places to get all sorts of things made.  Note: I’ve not ever used any of these places personally, but they were mentioned in the class by various folks and the instructor.  If you want you can buy the download of the class, he talks about how you can set all of this stuff up.

So here is my list.  Just in time for your holiday shopping!  ( There are tons of cool things I’d like in my stocking on these pages, of course most of them aren’t entirely practical which is where my needs lie at the moment, but they are fun to peruse for sure!!)

Most of them will work all over the world, so for those of you who read my blog from far away places, you are in luck!!

In no particular order:

My Own Labels


Sticky Fan


Pica Boo

Scrap Book Graphics


Shutter Fly

Photo Wow

I Photo  I think this one is Apple users only

Discount Photo Gifts

Printable Memories

Jigsaw To  Order

I Love Photo Gifts

Personalization Mall


Personal Creations

My Heritage

You Send It

Drop Box

Mobile Me

Paper Zone


All right I realize this list is incredulous!  If you find a bad link or don’t like the site please leave a note.  As I mentioned I have never used any of these before, but I may just give it a try.  The instructor favored Shutter Fly because it is run by either Kodak or another well known brand which I can not think of at the moment.  He also favored one other as well.. as he had personally used both of them. 

So I had a productive day of learning, and now I am sharing what I have learned.  Happy personalization! 


The rest of my day was spent hanging out, Jason was around which was fantastic, he ran my errands for me.  I’ve been out of my ear medicine for several days now so I am glad to have that started again. 

The snow has arrived and the birds are stalking our feeders!  I can’t wait to get more of them!  We’ve found the best place to go to get food as well!  It is fresh, it even smells wonderful I enjoyed putting it into the feeders the other day, and the birds have come flocking to it!  Which is making for even more great pictures.  I am getting several more varieties that I had previously attracted!  Woot!!!  More interesting friends to watch!

I am trying to get caught up with email and blog reading as well.  I seem to have fallen seriously behind on all of these activities while being stuck flat on my back.  I guess everything happens in time. 

I wish I had a magic house cleaning fairy also, the mail seems to have taken over our house!  Which drives me batty!  Oh well, I think by next week I will have that on my list of things to do!  =D.. Priorities! 

Jason made the BEST spaghetti tonight for supper, Actually a very late 3pm lunch, it was so good!  Gluten Free noodles, that came out of a gold and purple cello package are FANTASTIC!  I think they might just taste better than regular noodles!  Jason cooked them perfectly, he also made up a batch of tomato basil sauce and some deer meat.  The sprinkle cheese added just the right finishing touch to the dish!  DELISH!   My man can sure make some mean lean noodles and sauce! 

So the last few weeks I had stopped drinking a bit of something called cleanse in the morning.  I don’t know but I think that might be an additional factor that might be keeping me a bit on the exhausted side of things.  I mean I was doing much better on it.  I had run out of it, and I have just gotten it back in stock for myself. 

I will be getting back on track with that as well as being more consistent with my shakes and bars.  I had been doing those two times a day, and I’ve only been doing them once a day, with regular food type stuff in between.  Of course I am always tossing down a few M&M’s as the craving hits.  Gotta live a little! 

Maybe it is the food thing.  At any rate, I will be starting strong with it tomorrow.  I can’t take much more of hanging out in the bathroom every morning all morning.  That exhausts me.  Nothing seems to want to stay inside.  At least I am not getting the Gluten Cramps to go along with it!  I’ve been a very good girl in that regard!  I think I am getting this GF eating down, I think it has been a year now! 

The most amazing thing, is that my friends and family have all been so supportive!  I’ve been fed GF food from everyone I eat with!  YiPee!  Because I love to eat! 

So seriously check out creativelive it is amazing incredible and so worth your time!  Besides if you catch the classes while they are being broadcast and recorded live online they are FREE!  Which is even more amazing!  Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson are two of my favorite people, they have given me a platform where I can afford to learn! 

Life Is Good!

Pink Doberman

Friday, November 12, 2010

DaRn GoOd

While it is another late night, there is still time to get a good nights sleep.  Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes misery can be a blessing, while at the same time it may feel like a curse.  My life is full of blessings, it seems that I may just have to look harder to find them than the average person.

I guess when I do find them they mean more to me than something I might normally take for granted. 

Yesterday.. I finally made it out of bed for a while.  I actually did something.  Luka and I went for a scooter run.  We went to a friends house Jason met us there, and then he took some pictures!  It was a great night!  The plans for the day didn’t work out.  It was nice to go with Jason and hang with friends though.  Blessing #2

Blessing #1 Nausea and Migraine medication finally cleared up the last of my exhaustion issues yesterday.

Blessing #3 Waking up today, I didn’t have a migraine, I woke up and could walk and see fairly clearly… While my neck was sore from the scooter ride, it felt amazingly good!  I will take it!

Blessing #4 I got to edit some pictures today, I used some of the newest things I have been learning, that is pretty exciting also! 

Blessing #5 I managed to clean a window, fill a bird feeder, and clean fill and put another one out as well!  Major accomplishment!

Blessing #6 I found food to eat in the freezer!  Leftovers!  They were great! 

Blessing #7 Luka has been sleeping without his Muttluks and with out his Comfey Cone on his head, he has NOT been chewing his feet to bits.  Thrilled!!!  We are doing well with the diet changes and the allergic surrounding control!  Woot!!

Blessing #8 I got some new training DVD’s in the mail!  I can’t wait to learn more!  ( I found them on a huge clearance sale.. That maybe should be Blessing #8.5 )

Blessing #9 Jason is going to be home tomorrow! 

Blessing #10 I think I can now fall asleep!!!

Life is darn good!  I hope yours is too!


Pink Doberman

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SoMe DaYs

Some days go by and you may feel as if you have nothing to say.  That has not been the case with me lately.  However, exhaustion is another issue in my world.  When you have regular things that need to be done, taking time out to type a bit seems like an impossibility. 

I am not that speedy of a typist. 

In trying to remember what I have been up to, I have been busy either traveling with Jason while he works, or recovering from the traveling.  I’ve got a friend whom I’d really like to see, so far this seems to be eluding me.  Hopefully it will be different later today, but since I am still up at 4am I am guessing that may get pushed off to yet another day. 

I’ve been in bed again for days unable to sit up, today I finally was able to start sitting up, tonight it is easier to move around, and tomorrow should be even better.  If only I could sleep.  What ever I did I did to much.  My body was sure mad at me.  I hate that.

I am guessing I lost more weight again from this ordeal, however I seem to be eating well enough again now.  I hate staring at the ceiling, I could really use a bath.  Frustrating as lying on my back really doesn’t even allow much typing to be done.  But I did get a couple of Netflix movies watched,  I was also able to learn some more Photoshop ideas and even some more picture taking ideas. 

Not being able to sit up doesn’t really bode well for the painting department, hopefully I will be able to finish what I have started with that.  I think I have more ideas than ability to complete them at this time.  I suppose that is a good thing.  It is never fun to be bored. 

Jason has been working like crazy.  I am grateful for that as it makes paying for things so much easier.  It would be nice to have him home more, but then he’d just be fiddling around worrying about me.  I guess it is good that he is busy with other things! 

I guess the weather has been pretty nice outside lately, I don’t really know, I’ve been watching the sun shining on everything, and the birds seem happy enough, so that is good.  We did get some new bird food, I am hoping that they love it and will hang around more.  Lately it seems that our food is not the favorite as they are only spending short amounts of time on our feeder.  Which costs us less I am sure, but I do enjoy looking at them when they decide to perch around here.

Well that is all for now, my arms are tired.  I think writing may just have turned my sleepy brain on and I can now get some sleep.

5 hours til he wakes me up!  Fingers crossed I will be able to see my friend!


Pink Doberman

Thursday, November 4, 2010



Sitting here tonight in my cuddle duds, sweatpants, socks that go up to my knees and a super comfy sweater I am warm.  I have the electric blanket cranked while Jason has not only the ceiling fan moving cool air but a fan atop our wardrobe blowing also.  Polar opposites.  He sleeps with few covers, I sleep with piles.  He is warm to snuggle with and I am the ice cube queen. 

Funny how two people so opposite could carve out a great life together.  He’s a morning person, I am a night owl.  He is impromptu and I plan, he often does things methodically, and I seem to reek havoc where ever I have been.  I love to be fashionable, he loves grey zip up hoodies and insulated flannel shirts.  He is always on time, and I work very hard at that! 

I love to drive and used to do almost all of it for us, he isn’t as fond of driving and has to do all of it now.  People instantly like him, people have to take there time before they decide to like me.  He has no allergies, I have to many of them.  He is strong, I work hard to be strong.  Life sometimes makes him try several times to get something new going, life comes easily to me at first, but becomes harder as I do something. 

I like to cook, he hates to cook.  I can fall asleep easily, especially now, he needs particular conditions to sleep.  He is technical, I am creative.  I could go on and on about how different we are.  We met, never thought another thing about each other until we ran into each other months later.  Went out once, had fun.  Went out again a month later, that went well.  Another month went by and we went out again.  And we haven’t been apart since.  That was over 15 years ago. 

Our differences keep things interesting, our interest in each other keeps us together.  We are evolving, nothing in life stays the same, we are fortunate to hang on tighter to each other and ride this roller coaster of a life that we’ve been on. 

I am blessed to have him in my life!  He drives me crazy, keeps me warm, gets the chores done before I wake up, and loves me more than I deserve. 

I hope you have some one just as amazing in your life! 


Pink Doberman