Monday, November 29, 2010


I am easily distracted by shiny things.  I am easily distracted period.  Lately this seems to be going to extremes.  I haven’t taken control of my eating lately.  I am doing the whole GF thing, as I am in major pain if I don’t do that.  I am going to have to get tough with myself again.  I know how hard it is to change and to do things you don’t necessarily want to do.  Especially the things that are “good for you” when the “bad” seems more fun!  I think part of it eating right.  But I also need to get my emotions in check.  I think I am emotionally eating, and I need to find another outlet for those darn things. 

Thanksgiving was great!  We had a great time with family!!  I ordered a Turkey to be made for me Gluten Free!  I ordered it from BW’s it is a place you should totally order your food from!  Check it out, Brian caters, delivers, or you can pick it up, which is what we do.  He makes things GF for me!  Woot!!!  And the food that he makes is totally amazing!  TOTALLY!! 

In addition to that Jason made my favorite Cornbread Dressing for me!  It has yams, parsnips, celery, cranberries, apricots, plums, etc in it!  It is to die for as well!  Jason totally rocked it!  I nearly killed myself as well as destroyed our kitchen in the process of making pumpkin bread.  But I have to say it was totally worth it.  Even though I had to toss half of the recipe because I didn’t bake it right.  Oh well.  Thank goodness I have others around me who can cook!  Jason’s mom made some great food I could eat as well.  So I sure did not starve!  In fact I ate so much I slept the entire Thanksgiving afternoon by the fire place! 

So I am working on some photo projects!  That has been super fun.  I am a bit behind at the moment.  I feel.  But I plan to get caught up this week.  I wish I could work on some sort of schedule.  But just do what I can when I can.  That is the way it has to be.  I’ve got great friends and family who are adapting to this and we will all make it through.

I’ve gotten new bird food.  Jason is going to put some more hangers out for me for the winter.  I like to sit and listen and watch the birds.  I usually don’t have the TV on.  I do sometimes of course.  I’ve started listening to my own radio stations on Pandora!  That is fun!!  If you haven’t tried it you should!  It is free!! 

I have done a little online shopping as well.  I found some winter boots for Jason.  He had to toss his last year as the rubber split.  They were super old.  I also found some socks for him and some shirts.  I bought a black ruffled skirt for me.  I hope it fits, otherwise I will have to donate it to my sister.  I should find some things to wear that aren’t black.  I am trying to find things that are in bright colors.  I just am always drawn to black and red.  I do now have white clothes.  I really have what ever I can find at the best price.  I guess that comes first.  =D  That being said, I think everyone needs to donate some more things to thrift stores so I can find some more things to wear!!  Ha!

The sights I mentioned in my previous post led me to the savings on socks for Jason and his shirts.  (It is very hard to find clothing for men at the thrift stores.—I think they always wear their stuff out.)  That is where I found some shirts for him as well and that skirt!! 

I have been looking at the cyber deals as well.  I think I have found an external hard drive for us.  I have found lots of other things but we don’t “need” them so they are going to be for someone else!!  I told Jason that it made me feel good to do the shopping.  I can do something that contributes.  I hate paying for shipping so I most usually don’t do any online shopping unless I can find free shipping.  Right now many places are offering it so it is better!  I have found things for Christmas Presents as well!  Woot!  I am going to get all of this done! 

So much easier for Jason if I can do it, and more fun for me too, as I love to shop, just since the accident it is no longer fun to do it in person.  It is a laborious chore.  I miss the carefree shopping experiences.  I guess the online version is the next best thing!!  We did however go to a home fixing store and got ourselves a new outside door!  Which is totally exciting!  We’ve one more outside door to replace but the worst ones are done now!  Or will be in a matter of days!  We also got ourselves a long overdue humidifier.  We finally broke down and did it.  I hope it helps me to not have bloody noses through the winter!  I remember Mom & Dad would always have one running in our house.  I was always getting bloody noses… and with the Ehlers Danlos diagnosis it all figures in. 

I have created and ordered our holiday cards.  If you want one make sure to get me your address.  I haven’t mailed out cards in YEARS!!!  I have a bad address list, but I am working at it.  I am in need of everyone’s addresses.  It took me some time to figure out how to do the whole template thing.  But I’ve got it down now!  I am ready to go. 

Now if my computer will just keep up!  Hee Hee!

Glasses update:  I about feel forward yesterday.  Which is a very new thing for me.  I am always loosing my balance and falling backward.  It was a good feeling to be going forward more.  I can catch myself a whole lot easier with my toes when I head forward.  I’ve been wearing my glasses most all of the time.  I take them off occasionally to let my eyes breathe.. Ok I know that sounds weird.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  It feels like the glasses need to come off and then soon it feels like I need to put them back on.  So that is what I do.

I go in this week to get checked again.  Dumb insurance company is messing around with paying my bills.  Ugg!

Birds:  We’ve been feeding better food, and the birds are FLOCKING to my feeders!  I am having very happy birds!  I love it.  It is so nice to see so many friends at my window.  They even have begun watching as I fill the feeders for them.  I am trying something different as well.  I made a piece of pottery.  It is a platter.  I filled it with nuts, and seeds and will be setting it on the ground.  I guess cardinals and doves like to eat down there.  I’ve also asked Jason to make me a feeder for woodpeckers, he is also interested in making some sort of squirrel feeder too.  More for his amusement than for feeding.  But that works for me, as I’d like to have the squirrel around more. 

Phew!  Well that is all for now!  I am going to get back to deciding what everyone is getting for Christmas! 


Pink Doberman

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