Sunday, November 14, 2010

SuNdAy uNqUaLiFiEd SeRmOn

Living your life like it is your last.  Lets just suppose you didn’t believe in eternal life, coming back as another life, or all of those sorts of things.  ( I am not asking for a discussion on this matter, just merely creating a situation) 

The life you are living right now was IT!  All there is all there was and all that there ever will be.  There is no dream or hope for another life after this one. 


Would you decide to do things differently? 


Would you choose to react to people differently?


How would your judgment of others be affected?


Would you choose to think differently? 


Would you use your time differently?


What would you want your legacy to be?


I’d really like you to think about these things from this perspective for a minute.   Seriously.

You might even want to write things down if you find that you would.  (it always helps me to do that)


I found that for me personally the thought of having another life beyond this life somehow can take you off the hook.  Let me live a little less.  Those that know me well, know that for all I do in my mind living a small life is not my idea of a great life.  I am not saying a small life is wrong, it just isn’t for me. 

But somehow knowing that I’d get to “do it again” or “have another life in heaven” really kind of takes away the importance of living this life in he hear and now the best I can.  It also places a comfortable box around what I should and shouldn’t do so I get the “chance” at a next and better life.

This box, can also get a bit stifling if you consider all of the things that others start piling into it.  Their expectations for you based on their beliefs and value systems, the laws of the land, the rules in which you follow for safety… the list goes on. 

Now I am not saying that these things are unimportant.  I am not saying that I am wanting to break rules.  In general I like rules and guidelines.  I do however think that it is important to examine how these rules and guidelines, are affecting this life I am living today.

Am I allowing these things to impede my thinking?  To impede my sense of caring what happens to others.  To allow me the moral ground to stand upon with which to choose to not offer my forgiveness.  (Keep in mind, I consider forgiveness and trust two totally separate things)  What if the lack of forgiveness translates into judgments that are based upon values that have been piled high in my box from others of their values their thoughts, their fears. 

What if some of these things are causing me to cause harm to others.  What if these things are holding me back from living my best life right now. 

What if I could forgive, without trusting, but offer a person hope of a second chance.  What if I was strong enough to stand beside someone who’s path had gone wrong who everyone had abandoned because it was the right thing to do.  Not because I had trust in the person, not that I placed faith in that person.  But because that person was in need.  Because it might change the path of that person sometime in the future. 

Not that I would gain anything more from this than a sense of humanity. 

I think there is also a time for letting people go to find their own path.  I am mostly just speaking personally about me. 


I have found this experience of becoming physically disabled easier to speak about, as well as more difficult to handle.  I don’t have the answers.  But what I don’t want to find myself having done is to live this life complacently, having just followed the rules, and done the status quo, because I am waiting for the next life. 

I am reminded by the parable of the three sons who were given different amounts of money by their father.  I may have the least, but I am going to work to turn it into the most.  It may not be the greatest life ever lived, but I am fighting each day to live the best life I can muster.


What if this life was the only life you were to get?    Can you make a choice to over come your obstacles, your thoughts, your complacency, your doubt, your fears, others attitudes of you, lack of time management?

Can you make a choice to create purpose, happiness, forgiveness, faith, delight, meaning, passion?

What do you want your best life to be?  (write it down)  Create it and start now, start here!  Even if this is your last day of life, make it your best, give it your all!

Live your best life now & when the day comes that another even better one that you just lived is waiting for you, imagine how much more amazing that one will be!


Pink Doberman



I hope this makes sense.  I hope you choose to take the time to figure out what you want, and set about making that a reality.  We are able to dream for a reason, if your dreams seem empty, they may be the wrong dreams for your life.  Grab on to some new ones!  Life is full of possibilities, don’t let your life be defined go out and create the definitions!

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