Saturday, November 13, 2010

CrEaTiVe LiVe… RoCkEd My DaY!!

Today was a simple day.  I thought we might get out, I thought I might get out.  After a bath that wasn’t to be.  So I am resting again.  I am not miserable, just weak.  My stomach is still not coming on line either.  So I will just wait it out. 

Life is full of mystery, plans get changed and surprises happen, and life is a mystery.  All in all today was a good day.  I am learning more new things online.  Which was super fun.  I watched yet another online class on    You really should check this out! 

Todays class was on photo gifts.   I learned of many cool places to get all sorts of things made.  Note: I’ve not ever used any of these places personally, but they were mentioned in the class by various folks and the instructor.  If you want you can buy the download of the class, he talks about how you can set all of this stuff up.

So here is my list.  Just in time for your holiday shopping!  ( There are tons of cool things I’d like in my stocking on these pages, of course most of them aren’t entirely practical which is where my needs lie at the moment, but they are fun to peruse for sure!!)

Most of them will work all over the world, so for those of you who read my blog from far away places, you are in luck!!

In no particular order:

My Own Labels


Sticky Fan


Pica Boo

Scrap Book Graphics


Shutter Fly

Photo Wow

I Photo  I think this one is Apple users only

Discount Photo Gifts

Printable Memories

Jigsaw To  Order

I Love Photo Gifts

Personalization Mall


Personal Creations

My Heritage

You Send It

Drop Box

Mobile Me

Paper Zone


All right I realize this list is incredulous!  If you find a bad link or don’t like the site please leave a note.  As I mentioned I have never used any of these before, but I may just give it a try.  The instructor favored Shutter Fly because it is run by either Kodak or another well known brand which I can not think of at the moment.  He also favored one other as well.. as he had personally used both of them. 

So I had a productive day of learning, and now I am sharing what I have learned.  Happy personalization! 


The rest of my day was spent hanging out, Jason was around which was fantastic, he ran my errands for me.  I’ve been out of my ear medicine for several days now so I am glad to have that started again. 

The snow has arrived and the birds are stalking our feeders!  I can’t wait to get more of them!  We’ve found the best place to go to get food as well!  It is fresh, it even smells wonderful I enjoyed putting it into the feeders the other day, and the birds have come flocking to it!  Which is making for even more great pictures.  I am getting several more varieties that I had previously attracted!  Woot!!!  More interesting friends to watch!

I am trying to get caught up with email and blog reading as well.  I seem to have fallen seriously behind on all of these activities while being stuck flat on my back.  I guess everything happens in time. 

I wish I had a magic house cleaning fairy also, the mail seems to have taken over our house!  Which drives me batty!  Oh well, I think by next week I will have that on my list of things to do!  =D.. Priorities! 

Jason made the BEST spaghetti tonight for supper, Actually a very late 3pm lunch, it was so good!  Gluten Free noodles, that came out of a gold and purple cello package are FANTASTIC!  I think they might just taste better than regular noodles!  Jason cooked them perfectly, he also made up a batch of tomato basil sauce and some deer meat.  The sprinkle cheese added just the right finishing touch to the dish!  DELISH!   My man can sure make some mean lean noodles and sauce! 

So the last few weeks I had stopped drinking a bit of something called cleanse in the morning.  I don’t know but I think that might be an additional factor that might be keeping me a bit on the exhausted side of things.  I mean I was doing much better on it.  I had run out of it, and I have just gotten it back in stock for myself. 

I will be getting back on track with that as well as being more consistent with my shakes and bars.  I had been doing those two times a day, and I’ve only been doing them once a day, with regular food type stuff in between.  Of course I am always tossing down a few M&M’s as the craving hits.  Gotta live a little! 

Maybe it is the food thing.  At any rate, I will be starting strong with it tomorrow.  I can’t take much more of hanging out in the bathroom every morning all morning.  That exhausts me.  Nothing seems to want to stay inside.  At least I am not getting the Gluten Cramps to go along with it!  I’ve been a very good girl in that regard!  I think I am getting this GF eating down, I think it has been a year now! 

The most amazing thing, is that my friends and family have all been so supportive!  I’ve been fed GF food from everyone I eat with!  YiPee!  Because I love to eat! 

So seriously check out creativelive it is amazing incredible and so worth your time!  Besides if you catch the classes while they are being broadcast and recorded live online they are FREE!  Which is even more amazing!  Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson are two of my favorite people, they have given me a platform where I can afford to learn! 

Life Is Good!

Pink Doberman

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