Friday, November 12, 2010

DaRn GoOd

While it is another late night, there is still time to get a good nights sleep.  Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes misery can be a blessing, while at the same time it may feel like a curse.  My life is full of blessings, it seems that I may just have to look harder to find them than the average person.

I guess when I do find them they mean more to me than something I might normally take for granted. 

Yesterday.. I finally made it out of bed for a while.  I actually did something.  Luka and I went for a scooter run.  We went to a friends house Jason met us there, and then he took some pictures!  It was a great night!  The plans for the day didn’t work out.  It was nice to go with Jason and hang with friends though.  Blessing #2

Blessing #1 Nausea and Migraine medication finally cleared up the last of my exhaustion issues yesterday.

Blessing #3 Waking up today, I didn’t have a migraine, I woke up and could walk and see fairly clearly… While my neck was sore from the scooter ride, it felt amazingly good!  I will take it!

Blessing #4 I got to edit some pictures today, I used some of the newest things I have been learning, that is pretty exciting also! 

Blessing #5 I managed to clean a window, fill a bird feeder, and clean fill and put another one out as well!  Major accomplishment!

Blessing #6 I found food to eat in the freezer!  Leftovers!  They were great! 

Blessing #7 Luka has been sleeping without his Muttluks and with out his Comfey Cone on his head, he has NOT been chewing his feet to bits.  Thrilled!!!  We are doing well with the diet changes and the allergic surrounding control!  Woot!!

Blessing #8 I got some new training DVD’s in the mail!  I can’t wait to learn more!  ( I found them on a huge clearance sale.. That maybe should be Blessing #8.5 )

Blessing #9 Jason is going to be home tomorrow! 

Blessing #10 I think I can now fall asleep!!!

Life is darn good!  I hope yours is too!


Pink Doberman

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