Monday, November 22, 2010

ShOpPiNG SaLeS! pLaCeS tHaT oFfEr HuGe SaViNgs & DeSiGnEr iTeMs!

I am excited!  Super excited!!  I love designers!  I love unique things.  I really love high quality things, things that are made to last, things that are always in style.  Beautiful things to gift to others that you know they will be over the moon for!

I love great deals!  I love Love LOVE nice things!  It is not that I don’t feel that the retail price for things isn’t deserved.  It is the fact that we live on a very limited budget, I want to stay with in our budget.  In doing so I utilize sales and discounts to get the great things life has to offer.

I think many others may also be like me.  So in the spirit of saving I am sharing these links with you.  In the spirit of saving, I am also sharing these links with you as I get a little gift from each of these places if you decide to get things from these places as well.  Use these links and you may also get a discount for getting their deals! 

These are designer links.  Check them out!  The things that are offered are so nice!  Click on the links below or copy and paste them to your browser.  They are all free to sign up with.  One has a membership you can also UPgrade by paying a fee to shop earlier so things aren’t sold out.  I use the free version!

DESINGER LINKS  This site features a little of everything.  This sight features mostly clothes shoes and accessories.   This site has home furnishings.


This link will feature businesses close to where you live! 


Please note they will send you emails everyday regarding what sales they are doing each day.  Things will sell out on the designer sites each day.  They only offer these products for a period of about 24 hours.  So if you see something you want you should act on it immediately.  I don’t check out the sales every day, in fact I delete them quite often with out looking at them. 

So give them a try see what you think!  Additionally if you get signed up you to can refer friends so then you will get a gift from the company, and so will they!  Then you can do some more shopping for free.


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