Monday, July 26, 2010

sLeEpLeSs… iN nEbrAsKa

Sleep seems elusive tonight.  I wish that were not the case.  I’ve tossed and turned for hours now and am finally just giving in to the fact that tonight may well be yet another sleepless one. 

The frustration in this is painful, as I am really quite tired.  I suppose this will mean that I am asleep all during the day tomorrow.  While I don’t like this at least there is nothing going on to prevent sleep tomorrow.  Yawn… maybe soon it will come. 

Riding in the Jeep has not been much fun lately.  I wish it were more fun like it used to be.  Every bump seems to wear me out.  I think the top has been up almost every time I have ridden in it this summer.  I have just been to exhausted to have the lid off.  I miss it.  Things are going to have to change.  I need some more fun in my life!

June 2010 079

This was a fun day.  Sitting out on our friends deck enjoying the afternoon.  Life was good that day.



June 2010 162 Web

Most days something great can be found!  I really love the birds that visit my window.  I think they are going to be mad tomorrow though when the food runs out.  I may just have to get creative and see how I can get the feeder filled while Jason is at work.  Can’t watch the little guys and gals go hungry.  They climb in the window sill and just look at us until they are fed…. well one of them does. 

Husbands are so cute.  Jason is tossing around a bit tonight as well.  I think he has just settled back to sleep.  A few sleepy words and a snore..  How cute!  Really makes me wish I were sacked out next to him.. but here I sit fingers pounding away…  Tummy growling now..


So on one of our topless adventures earlier this summer… we found an  unfriendly fellow..

June 2010 340 

This little guy.. was trying to cross the road.  Which was not a very smart move on it’s part.  Jason snapped this picture of him on the white line as he was entering the highway..

June 2010 341 

This was a disaster for this fellow.. So in addition to documenting his travels.. He got an unsolicited ride..


June 2010 346

Jason is such a good guy.. although this little fellow did try to snap off his fingers!  Please do not try this at home!  Those turtles really can do some serious damage if you are not careful!  And this sucker, has been around the block a few times if you know what I mean.. Just look at the size of him!  HUGE!  Well for Nebraska anyway. 

Hmmm Look what can happen if you decide upon creating a post in the middle of the night!  Pictures!  An abundance of them.

Enjoy!  I am a blessed girl!

Pink Doberman

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