Monday, September 28, 2009

FrOm HeLL ~ Thank GOD I am no longer there!

Oh my Oh my….

The last week I realized would have been much better had I taken some pain medication.  I spent the week for the most part laying in bed… not all of the time of course.  I haven’t wanted to take anything.  I have been having such horrible stomach pain when I do that it just seems like fixing one issue, and causing another. 

Seems like not taking the meds are the lesser of two evils, seeing as I am actually causing more problems for myself with on going stomach issues.  But am I?  Laying in bed itself for me is like a death sentence to some degree….  at less than forty years old I already am considered to have osteoporosis.  So not getting up and around is a big deal, I need the weight bearing exercise.. Ok so I don’t consider the little that I do really exercise but it is all I can do and do it I will.

Jason I think has probably been praying quite allot this week that what ever was happening to me would disappear.  I have been horrible.  I sleep and sleep and sleep, then I don’t sleep and don’t sleep and then I cry, or am moody, sulky, unfocused, depressed….  Not to mention I’ve gotten some sort of new allergy…. that really stinks! 

Hmm… all it took was a couple of pain medications.  I am back to new again…  I could just scream.. although, that’s what I would have spent my little energy on last week, this week I’d rather get the laundry that’s been plaguing me clean!

So if you see my awesome hubby, give him a pat on the back, he’s had a really rough couple of weeks!

On a different note…  I think will be my new favorite website!  I love it!  I love to learn and I love to do things myself!  YEA!

Having been working to make pickles ever since my cousin J was here a couple of months ago… she brought me everything I needed.  I ended up having to throw away her huge bag of cucumbers she brought me.  GRRRRR!!!!

Just not having enough energy to do it was so difficult, I hated myself for wasting all of those cucumbers.  Pickles cost lots of $$$  so do more cucumbers to replace the ones that I tossed.  Not to mention the guilt of not getting something so simple done. 

Tonight I finally did get the pickles done.  I was just going to do one set of them not both packets, but decided to push it.  Needed to as who knows when I could do it again.  I didn’t go to therapy today, not sure I want to drive Dad’s huge truck that is sitting in the drive way.  He’s got his car..  It isn’t that I am not capable.. but geesh the energy it takes!

I think my day was well spent.  I’ve been working on the laundry, our bed needed clean sheets badly!  Haven’t been able to get that done for WAAAAAAAY to long!  Happy tonight I should be sleeping on clean sheets.  Of course that means I have to get them all put back on the bed.  Otherwise I might just go sleep in the guest bedroom where the sheets still have yet to be changed from my father staying over days ago!  Oh well. 

Now for a distraction!  MMMMmmmMM homemade Jelly from MaryBelle!  THANKS MaryBelle!  It is soooo so good!


I wasn’t supposed to be here anyway.  I was supposed to be  with Jason while he is out on one of his teaching jobs.  We had it planned, I was even going to spend time with some friends.  Oh well.  Such is Life!   I it was on one of my horrible days that he left, later that night I relinquished my judgment and took the medication. 

I don’t want to take it also because it costs money to get more.  I need to go get more of it, as it is sitting down at the pharmacy waiting for me.  But I don’t want to pay for it.  If I pay for medication it will mean I can’t get much food, if I don’t well…  Yes I am cheap!  I’ve got to be!  I prefer to think of it as smart for the wallet so we can make it through the month with out begging for help!

And we are making it!  It ain’t pretty but we are doing it!  I am super proud of that!  Our bills are even being paid on time!  I love that even more!  Stick to the plan sister!

I wish choices were a bit easier.  Is it really that bad?  I suppose we have a bit of discretionary income, not allot but some.  Next month will be better.  I already figured it out.  This month insurance premiums need to be paid!  Those are important!  So off the money will go. 

I am excited, also, I am getting things figured out about how to take pictures of the clothes that I have to sell to others.  I want to take nice pictures so the details will show through.  I also need to get my account fixed.  That is driving me nutty also! 

So look forward to seeing some great things you might like being posted soon.

I should have taken pictures of my pickle project.  I just really wanted to get them done.  I will however take pictures of the pickles.  I just did refrigerator pickles, not the completely canned kind.  That would have taken more effort.  I will give some to my neighbors as they need to be eaten soon.  Besides how many pickles are actually healthy to eat? 

I might even send a jar with Jason to work.  I hope I get my jars back but hey, I guess a gift is a gift.  I need to save some more sauce jars anyway.  Yet another recycling project.

Speaking of recycling….

Here is the list of things I am using or giving to someone who will use them.

Clothing all sizes all conditions Love the really nice stuff, but will use the ripped and stained stuff too!

zucchini even bruised is good

Toilet Paper Rolls and Paper Towel Rolls


Sewing Notions – Can even be OLD!

Jewelry, can be broken or old also

children’s socks

Baby Jars – Small Jars – Canning Jars

Wood – All types All sizes for the most part, no



Plant Pots

Red Bricks

Paint all types

Brushes all types


I am sure there are more things I or my friends are recycling… but hey it is a start. 

So this week, I plan on making the next teaching trip with Jason.  I also plan on finishing up a resume I am working on for Kirby, and a newsletter template that I am doing for Kristi. 

I am also super excited about my Isagenix!  I have really been learning quite allot!  I have heard some of the best stories!  I just love it!  I can’t wait to hear  some more!  I also found out that my aunt and uncle are using it too!  That is pretty cool! 

Time to go check my bedding!  I sure hope it dry’s quick!



***Ok so I don’t plan on turning our house into a junk yard.. but I do plan on using these things or sharing them with folks who will!  I am quite excited about recycling!  I also recycle little boxes to ship my MK products to my clients in.  My clients are so awesome!  Thanks Kristi, Kara, Susan, Christina, and Heather!

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