Saturday, October 10, 2009

MaDe iT…

The best and the worst… Well that’s how it goes.  I’ve been running low on my Isagenix things.  So I’ve been personally cutting back for a few weeks now.  Sometimes none of it in a day, and sometimes a shake or something.  Good news my size and weight have remained the same.  Bad news I am exhausted have gotten a cold that won’t seem to go away.  :(!

I have been eating what ever is around.  I have been quite successful in eating all of the things in the cupboards.  Which is nice, I think those things can sometimes sit for years if you don’t go through them. 

Jason traveled this past week for two classes, one trip I missed going on with him.  The second trip he dropped me off at my G-Ma’s old home while he traveled on to his class.  I am glad he dropped me off, I had lots of plans, while the first 3 days I was feeling so miserable I couldn’t go hang out as planned.  I did make it to see my sister a bit.  But I sure wasn’t much fun.  My dad was back and drove me around and fed me.  :)  When Jason got back he would take him out for breakfast in the mornings!  I slept.  The week was a rough one but got a bit better toward the end and I was able to get out and around to see my friends and family some.

Jason even was gracious enough to agree to stick around an extra day.  Which made it possible to see my niece play ball, see another classmate and great friend, and hang out with family and watch a great game! 

I got to do see more friends as well, I even got my hair cut!  In an actual style!  My friend who has a wonderful salon, cut my hair.  I washed it before I got there.  I can’t stick my head in those sinks.  It is super cute!  Thanks so much Robyn! 

I came home with lots and lots of new veggies… my garden just wasn’t that successful this year.  I am not sure why, I may have gotten everything planted way to late, especially since this year never did really warm up.  But my cousin sent me home with loads of things!  She even made salsa’s and other canned things that she shared! 

While Dad and Jason were out and about he found a pile of eggplant that needed a new home, so Jason and I went back to get it.  My friend Jen is wanting some of that.  I don’t know if they will last long enough for me to get them to her.   I love eggplant!  My mom made it so good!  I have never been able to do it but maybe someday I will figure it out.

Staying at my G-Ma’s home brings back so many memories.  I really loved growing up there.  I was so active!  I felt quite fortunate while feeling crummy I was able to still walk with Ozzie and Luka around the place.  I got to go out 2 times!  I had intended to be out much more than that, but considering how I felt I was lucky to have done what I did.

Jason sure went above and beyond yesterday, having driven us home, I slept almost all of the way.  I couldn’t move easily and while I tried to stay awake it didn’t work.  He drove back into town to get our friends dog we’d agreed to watch while she was recovering from surgery.  We didn’t have room to get her on our way home.

He was great, he really finished all that needed done, he even helped me get all of the things out of the garden!  Yea! 

I am doing better tonight after quite allot of medication.  I didn’t want to take it but I couldn’t take it any more either.  So, I hope I get a break from the pain this week.  I’ve got lots to do. 

I was able to get the dogs food cooked today, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it or not.  The medication kicked in long enough for me to do it!  I am so thankful, so are they!

When I was finishing the nausea started, so I had to rest at the end of finishing their meal, rest, cook, rest, cook, rest, cook.  Well!  I did it and I am happy for that.  I even ran the dishwasher!  So that is my day’s worth of deeds!  I am very happy to have accomplished them.  I had to try quite hard.

Tomorrow, I want to get the things I brought home and got from the garden taken care of.  Not to mention a list of other things!  It would be nice to get things un packed and put away as well.  I’ve got my list ready!

I will try to get some pictures taken and posted!  I think that is always more fun! 


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