Friday, October 16, 2009

iNsPiRe ~ DeSiRe ~ fRuStRaTiOn

Hot cold Hot cold Hot cold~ tired Excited tired Excited tired Excited…   Doesn’t seem to matter which way the wind blows…  Funny how life works.

I’ve got a head full of ideas, things I would like to do, places I would like to go, people I want to see.  It doesn’t matter how I feel my mind is still dreaming, planning, thinking.  I just wish my body would cooperate! 

I mean it is to some degree.  Things are better.  I do have some really decent days!  My list of things to do seems to get longer instead of shorter.  I have so much to do around here I could never leave the house.  On the other hand I have so much I need to do outside of this house I could never come back. 

For those who have nothing to do everything is due.  Most things get done in some fashion.  Some faster than others.  Priorities of course.  The worst first, getting the most difficult out of the way. 

That thought doesn’t seem to let me have to much fun but the worst things are usually the ones that are the most pressing.  The things I actually enjoy doing I never seem to have time for.  They get pushed out of the picture.  That is why it is so nice to get away from here. 

I can’t wait! 

My Grandmothers were both quite different people, yet their sense of family was strong.  They were both determined one more passive than the other.  You could say one was down to earth and very focused on the past and heritage, the other lived in the present moment, not even really thinking of the future. 

I seem to have things planned out in advance four or five steps ahead, and for a variety of scenarios.  But having grown up around them both, I have a deep appreciation for the past, and the present.  And as we all no the only time we actually do our living is now. 

I got my therapy in today, driving myself of course, dropped a sweatshirt off for Jason at work, and came home in time to meet with a friend about Isagenix.  His wife had asked me to share with him.  Which was pretty cool. 

Not expecting anyone to do what I do, I do enjoy sharing.  I never know who will benefit from something, and I sure enjoy when people think enough of me to share things with me.  Even if they might not be for me. 

This husband gets approached by quite a few people about allot of different types of things.  He gave me quite a compliment, He said he was only listening about this product because I was the one sharing it with him.  He blows most people and products off. 

I really appreciated that.  I’ve worked very hard to build a level of trust with people.  I am so glad that people really respect that I am serious about what I share. 

It takes allot for me to have enough enthusiasm and faith in something to put myself out there and promote it.  I really have to believe in it, it really has to meet my integrity level.   Which not many things do.

So many of the women I recruited into my unit had the same level of integrity as well.  I think that is one of the reasons that each of them are so successful in all that they do. 

One of the gals was a house cleaner, I really respect the work she does, I used to do that.  She does it so well, like my aunt, fanatical about it!   Many others are in the teaching/speech pat professions and work with kids.  Wow, it takes something special to do that, and they all take such pride in it.  None of them were those burnt out teachers, all of them were there for the kids because they loved it!

Mothers, Wives, Students, Professionals, they each did their jobs to the best of their abilities, accepted no compromises from themselves, and set the example actually still do, in what they do.  I just loved that about them.  The fact that they have such integrity, enthusiasm, dedication, loyalty, and caring for what they bring to the world is so inspiring!  It made me want to do better and better for them. 

My gals in Brazil were so much the same way!  I think that is why in spite of everything they are still so successful!  I am so proud of them too!  Careers for women in Brazil are so much more limited, and the income opportunities are much more constraining.  But my gals have stepped up and stepped out into greatness!  I just love it! 

When each day is a fight like today was, therapy was very difficult for me today.  I am so sore, after my two appointments, I came home and just slept most of the evening.  Thank goodness we don’t have a foster puppy right now.  I’d have seriously neglected them today.  We’ve got our crew of two old guys, and our friends old gal!  They all are quite content to sleep right along with me.

I will share sometime soon some fun shopping websites for those of you who love really great things, but don’t like to pay full price for them.  I don’t have the $$ to order from them, but I treat them like the catalogs I receive, looking at the beautiful things and dreaming.  In my catalogs, I get my permanent marker out and do lots of circling!  Makes me feel good to do that!

Kind of like shopping but without pulling out my wallet!

Tomorrow holds more therapy!  Gotta take my phone back into Sprint for the latest crappy replacement phone.  I am so tired of spending my time in that store, up till now for at least 7-8 years I think we’ve been super happy with Sprint and the quality of product they provide.  But after having to already switch out my phone 4 times this month due to their inability to provide me with a working refurbished model..  I am getting quite frustrated!  I have a spare phone, but it doesn’t hold my calendar on it.  With my issues I have that is a very important function for me.  GRRRRR….  Guess tomorrow I will be sitting in their office yet again!  If you’ve been calling or texting and I’ve not responded…. Well, call the house!  Or call Jason.  GRRRRR…


Well, Hugs, and Blessings Nighty Night!

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