Tuesday, October 20, 2009

gReAt dAy!

Ok so what a great day today was!  As of late I am groggy waking up.  Don’t know what’s going on there.  Some days I am wide awake other days I am in a stupor for half of the day.  I am thankful that I had washed my hair the day before. 

I think that is about all I got accomplished yesterday, but hey, it’s all good!  Oh Oh!!  Yesterday I finally finished unpacking my bag from my trip to Grandma’s house.  Today I realized that I need to start packing it again tomorrow for our next trip.  Yikes!  Jason’s back to work at the hospital and we get to see our friends!  Woot!  I’ve got two days to get lots of gals called! 

So today, it was a beautiful day!  It was warm outside it wasn’t windy at all!  It was sunny and wonderful!  I made it out about 2:00 pm I sat outside and did my exercises outside. 


Getting started doing my ab breathing exercises,

Adding in the football!  I always wanted one of these, although I never thought this is what I would use this for.


The boys and girl enjoyed it too!   I didn’t get pictures of everyone, just Luka… the natives got restless and I had to put them back inside before I had my phone in my hands to take pictures. 


Luka hanging out in case I need some help.  Yes, he wears a pinch collar.  I know, it looks horrible.  He begs to wear it.  We’ve had to use this as somewhere along his life path, he lived with a cat, didn’t mind the cat.  Then somehow some where later, he was told it was alright to chase the cat and try to eat the cat.  So now he wears the lovely pinch collar, so I don’t get drug down the street when he sees a cat! 

Yea, he’s 110 lbs I am 120…. I don’t stand a chance except for this collar, and after more than a year he listens to me much better now, isn’t likely to try to drag me down the street, although he does still sometimes get so excited that he finds it very difficult to stay still.  Other than that we get along perfectly!  So we’ll keep working on the cat issue!

Luka’s only other issue is he loves little dogs!  All dogs really but the little ones for sure!  Crazy!  But he is doing so much better than before!  He does manage to do his job quite well!

Well enough in fact that today I was asked if kids could be trained to behave as good as he does.  I said I am sure they could, wink!  She said, I am just to busy for all that, do you train them?  …… time to walk away!!!   Yikes! 

So today Luka and I after our backyard adventure we made a trip to the bank Melanie, Deb, and the other gals were very cheerful today, then to the post office Brian was there!  Yea!  We sure miss having Brian at our post office!  The new gal Kim is nice too! 

We walked from store to store!  It was so great!  A nice day and I was feeling well to boot!  Yipee! 

The new clothing store was closed, boo!  But the gifty store was open of course, Mary was even there for a bit!  Pretty fun, the last time I’d seen her was at my friends funeral.  We sat together.  She was of course amazed at Luka’s stellar behavior!  They had the cutest hats in!  Not my size they were for babies, but maybe I can figure out how to make one for me!

Speaking of hats!  One of my most favorite blogs has their new shopping site up and running.  It isn’t perfect yet but it is almost there!  Check it out!  She makes hat’s and purses and sells patterns so you can make them yourself too!  Another one of the Australian Bloggers I love!  Her blog is wonderful as well!  BLOG!  I look forward to seeing all of the great things she comes up with! 

My journey continued today, since I was doing so well, I didn’t want to go home, it was about 5 or so now, and I was remembering a conversation I had before I hung out in my backyard?  My neighbor came by, shared that she was off to visit her hubby at the nursing home.  So I thought to myself, it’s been a long time since I’d gone down to visit him as well.  I’ve got the time and I don’t want to go home, Luka and I are doing well, and he had yet to go to the nursing home! 

I think they get therapy dogs in there!  The residents didn’t freak out at all!  But the sure did reach out and try to pet him.  YIKES!  Couldn’t let that happen!  To much commotion!  Can’t get him all excited now…  Gotta go see my neighbor, so we moved ourselves along a little quicker.  We sat in a high back chair for a while with him.  He’s almost blind, dumb macular degeneration!  Two of our friends have that!  (Onyx’s Momma has it too)  We stayed until he went to supper.  It was nice to get caught up!  Thank goodness for the high backed chair that I could curl up in! 

After that, I remembered that the dog food would run out tomorrow… and for our next trip I needed to have a bunch of it ready to go.  The allergies have for the most part dissipated.  Luka is having less and less hot spots and so I know we are on the right track.  I am still hoping to find a dry dog food that works for him too, but for now having to cook his food takes forever!  It however is good exercise for me I am sure!  10 lbs of potatoes takes some doing!  I have very sore arms when I stir those and standing while they cook well let’s just say after I do this I am resting!

He is also looking better too!  I add some of my Isagenix to his food as well.  It seems to be working!  So well in fact that Jason suggested that Ozzie be switched to the same stuff to see if he will add some pounds!  So far so good!  I don’t have a specific recipe but I just follow the foods that our vet suggested.

Luka has not had to wear booties for several weeks!  I am so grateful, as winter is coming and the snow, and water, mud, ice, etc. is rough on sock wearing!  Not to mention no one wants soggy socks squishing all over the floor. 

Yipee!  So we went to the grocery store after visiting the nursing home.  We talked to everyone in the store I swear!  Since we don’t get out much he and I are quite the novelty.  Even people who know me from before wonder what is going on.  Since I haven’t seen most of them for years. 

I may not have met many of them or then again I met so many people, that all over the county in which I live people at least know my name.  Weird and Cool!  I think more people know me here than where I grew up.  That is strange too, as I think I was in the newspaper every other week for something while in high school. 

Having gone back there a couple weeks ago, I remember how I can’t go anywhere without knowing someone!  Weird too as I’ve been gone over 20 something years!  It does give me a good feeling as I really like almost everyone I have ever met. 

So at the store, I was thrilled to see the laundry detergent on sale!  We stock up when this happens!  I would have bought more, but I don’t want to put us in the poor house, oh, wait, we are already there, hee hee!!!  WINK!

I also managed to get a good deal on fabric softener too!  I love it!  It felt good to do that.  I also found some brownies and met a gal in the store who shared with me how to make monster cookies quickly!  I can’t wait!  Boys in Iraq you are going to each get a box stuffed full of goodies!  Can’t figure what else to send to you besides food!  GRIN!

After I checked out a different neighbor came in to shop, we chatted for a while, that was nice, he’d been out mowing his lawn all afternoon.  Luka just laid there and waited watching all of the people come in and out of the store.  He is quite the topic of conversation… I find if I look people in the eye it gives them a lead in to ask all sorts of things.  so this is where the comment at the beginning of my post today fits in…

If I keep my eyes diverted I get away with less conversation.  Which has been most of my trips.  Today was different, I was doing so well today, I had the energy to talk to people.  So I could walk with my head up, taking my time to answer questions and talk to people.  I don’t mind this for sure, provided I have the energy to do it.  In fact I really do like the interaction.  That is one of the things that I miss the most.  I used to meet and talk to people everywhere!

Most day’s I am on a time crunch till my body starts wearing down and giving me fits.  When the pain becomes to great, my groceries will be left in the car to spoil, and so since I’ve spent Jason’s hard earned $$ on it I make sure to keep focused on getting home and things put away!

It was a fun day!  Be sure to check out my other blog!  The rescue is REALLY REALLY needing more people to step up and foster a dog!  I am sure that ours isn’t the only one overflowing either!  I know that the one my friend volunteers with is always looking too! 

Tomorrow will be another busy day!  That’s the plan anyway!


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