Saturday, October 17, 2009

SpRiNt ~ BlOgS! ~ $HoPpiNG ~ My dAy

Well, as days go this one is sure to be an interesting one for me. 

Due not to outside activities or influences, but because I am still so groggy after a seemingly 48 + hours of sleep.  Interrupted of course.  But none the less a foggy business the last two days have become.  I feel as if I am embarking on the next 24 hours of fog as well.  My mind seems all shuttered.  I’ve had a migraine for sure, not sure if it is still going on, it may be and that just might be the cause of my cloudy mind. 

I feel as if many giant cotton clouds have been shoved inside of my brain.  I am not with out pain, but the fog of it all seems to be over riding many sensations.  The day is a burr… Again a late wakeup, after an early to bed the evening before.  Jeepers…  I don’t want to take more pills just to be sure, but the closeness of Luka would give thought to a migraine being present, as he is like glue.

So maybe that should be my clue.  I surely can’t be driving around anywhere today, in fact I am quite sure that this is one of those days I shouldn’t even plan on walking much around my own home.  Every thing just seems wonkey and out of sorts. 

Gotta love the days like this.  GRRRRrrrrRRR….

On another note… I don’t subscribe to any magazines, I wish I did I used to.  I’ve gone through all of the one’s that I’ve been gifted.  I don’t know why but I love love love fashion.  I always have.  House fashions, Men’s fashions, All Fashion.  I love crafts, jewlery, shoes, sewing,,,

I find it all fascinating.  Some of my favorite magazines I go through many times, others it is a once through and to the trash or on to the next lucky person to peruse the pages.

The internet is fun I have found to use in place of magazines as well.  I love looking at some fun shopping sites.  I love designer things!  Why? 

Somehow they use a better quality of fabric that you can find at department stores or discount stores.  They are sewn on the bias, and they don’t twist or hang funny when you wear them.  Someone has taken great care in assuring that the garment will last and flatter.

I used to spend my time looking around in fabric stores for this type of fabric.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the Midwest is not in the market for these fabrics, and that I have to settle for the fact that I will never find them.

Which now is beside the point as I have already so many projects to finish that I have ideas’ for that I could never get anything else finished in my lifetime I am sure.  ( ok so that may be a bit of an exaggeration)

I have taken to perusing some designer discount sites.  I will post here some great invitations for you to check out!  You have to register to see the great offerings.  I really like looking at them dreaming that some day they may end up being on my arm or draped flowingly over my body.  I think many of them would make wonderful gifts for those that I know and maybe someday I would be able to afford them at their discounted prices without feeling guilty for buying one of something that at a discount store would have paid for 10…. 

Somehow they have their rewards as well, as discount store purchases rarely last as long, hold up as well, and can fade or look dingy after a very short period of time. 

I’ve always been taught, when it comes to staple items in your wardrobe, get the best as you can afford.  Get the items that are short time items at the discount stores.  You will end up with a quality wardrobe that will last for years.  Black slacks, Basic’s such as belts, Shoes, and Jackets fall into this category for sure.

Well at any rate, here are your invites to my top 2 sale sites!  Enjoy! 

In order to join you must have gotten this invitation!  When you register I think you will get a gift certificate for $10 Free from me!  It is kind of cool too because with your first purchase I think that gives me $10 too!  How fun is that!  This site does something similar too! 


I am also becoming quite the blog reader.  I really love things from seeing how things are made, to well really most anything.  I find that my attention varies with the day and what I am doing or how I am feeling at the moment. 

I read one on Yoga, many on stuffed crafts, some on service dogs, others about those going through health challenges, some from medical professionals, others in business/marketing, etsy artisans, dogs, cooking, parents, friends, sewing, crafting, disability, life in general, news worthy, oh my the list goes on and on. 

One of the main themes I have found of blogs that I love are those written by people from other countries.  Right now most from Australia which I find odd, as it has never been on the list of places that I’d most like to visit.  That may be changing for me as I find so many blogs from that region so interesting.

While I don’t read each post thoroughly, some I do.  I flit about as my interests of the day change.  I use Google Reader to keep track of them all.  I have posted a few that I like on this site as well.  Those that mainly pertain to my situation.  I may post some others soon as well, as I enjoy so many of them and you might as well. 

Changing subjects yet again.  Onyx’s mom called today.  She shared she is doing much better!  Onyx the black lab who’s been staying with us for a few days now, is doing just perfect.  She is a good girl and all of us are not minding her visit one bit. 

On another note.  My phone issues I fear are not over.  Upon returning to Sprint 5th or 6th time this month~, instead of going to Physical Therapy GRRrrrrr, we were told in light of our problems with the refurbished phones, I could have a new one!  Yea! 

They gave me the choice of 3 different versions.  I use a windows based version.  It took me a while to understand the particulars on how to use this one, and I have been on a constant learning track with it.  I can’t imagine switching to a different kind.  I have difficulty remembering all of the new things I need to know.  Names especially take me so much longer than they once used to.  I was a whiz at them before.

Two of the versions had keyboards on their front panel, the other was a new Mogel, instead of a refurbished model.  I opted for the New Mogel.  I have no problems with the phone except it hasn’t worked.  They of course wouldn’t give me the latest model in the series leaving it as bait for me to purchase.  ( which there is now way that could happen as our finances are so tight )  Which is why I pay the outrageous fee’s for insurance. 

My new model should be in on Tuesday.  Then I can download all of my pictures to my computer, HOPEFULLY, as the new model should work perfectly!  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Actually I may even end up connecting this unworking version as I am feeling desperate in knowing that so much is not backed up.  If there were to be a glitch everything new would be lost.  Quite frustrating.  Ahhh the joy of the electronic age. 

Well, enjoy your Saturday whether it involves shopping, football, working, or a relaxing day of laundry. 


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