Monday, October 12, 2009

iNsPiRaTiOn 1o1

Inspiration- so many things to me fall into that category. 

Some of the things are small, like how our 14 year old foxhound keeps rising for the day each morning.  ( ok so some days he is up at noon with me )  Each morning I find him to be motivating.  If he can do it I can do it.  He wakes, lays there for a minute or two, stretches, and decides if it is time to start his day or not.  Sometimes getting right up and sometimes sleeping a bit longer before getting up.  I always check to see if he is breathing in the mornings.  I know he has to go at some point, and I hope for his sake he goes peacefully in his sleep.  Having watched my mother die and my lovely doberman Jag die both painfully I pray for those I love to go in their sleep even though the shock would be harder for me to deal with.

Some of the things are larger- like watching my mother and father fight the cancer that was taking over her body.  Dad almost never left Mom during that time, he drove her everywhere.  She wanted to continue working, he would drive her to work, wait til she was done working and drive her home.  While fighting she finished up her Masters Degree.  She walked proudly across stage in her cap and gown!  It was wonderful!  Mom looked great in hats, they  went on a trip early on, while on the trip they found a hat shop, they bought several hats for her to wear instead of a wig.  She looked great with a bald head, and absolutely adorable when she donned a hat!  She knew when to fight the fight and she knew when to just live her life.  My Dad showed me the value of loyalty, love, and true devotion.


I am inspired by a husband who works a 56 hour work week at his regular job, picks up between 4-24 hours of extra work a week, and still does things around the house, runs errands, volunteers for local emergency services ( which is where he is tonight ), helps neighbors, and drives me to appointments each week.  My hero, and my inspiration to work hard to be the best me I can be!

I am inspired by a friend who is making the most of living a life with the different abilities that spina-bifida presents.  He is my age and has been in a wheel chair since I have known him, he has lived in a nursing home for a while now, and is now making heads spin, as he chairs the residence council and is making a positive impact in the lives of the other residents by affecting policies.  He has even attracted the attention of a certain older (no not that much older) person and is now dating.  I was blessed to have had some time to spend with him recently he is focused on the good things!  I just love that!

I am inspired by a woman who sewed her own clothes for her family even her bra’s, who took advantage of an opportunity to make herself look and feel better and was so grateful for what it did for her she shared the same stuff with others!   She not only shared Mary Kay with women who eventually shared it with me, she personally shared with me how I could get my vitamins and loose weight as well.  I am so grateful to her, for not keeping these great things to herself.   Because she decided to share and didn’t keep these things a secret, my skin looks so great, and now so does my body!  And so does the skin of many more women because I decided to share, and the bodies of those I’ve started sharing with are looking and feeling better too! 

I am inspired by people who follow through on what they say they will do.  The people that follow through.  They do their best, they don’t compromise integrity, they strive to do their personal best.  Show people they are valued, show them they are worthy, talk is cheap actions are where the true value is shown. 

I have so many more people in my life who inspire me.  I will try and write about more of them soon.

My cousin J and her family of 5

My friends B&J

My many friends who work for non profit and social service type jobs, not to mention those in the military.

My Sisters and Brothers in Law and their kids

The friends I know who volunteer in so many areas

My former unit members who are strong survivors

My grandmothers


Gosh, my list keeps on going… I guess I have even more to write about than I have mentioned but it is time to go.  My hubby is home and needs some zzzzz’s!


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