Sunday, October 18, 2009

sLeEpY, ShOeS, SpArKLiNg LuKa!

Oh the sweet sweet dreams I hope to be having soon.  I am not sure what’s going on with me, I seem to go through stages like this. 

My whole body is exhausted.  I can’t hardly stay awake.  My limbs are heavy and my mind wants to turn off.  Which is a rare thing for me.  I am either very cold or quite warm, weird also, as the only time I usually get warm is when I am ill.  Of course that could be the case as well but I can’t tell.  No news there.  The last infection the Dr. found with me I must have had for months because I was really sick!  Didn’t talk much about that here, but it was pretty freaky how badly infected I was (not contagious ) It took two rounds of antibiotics very strong ones to clear, I am still not sure it is gone, I probably need to go get tested again but YUCK!  I don’t want to go back to the Dr.

I’ve also got to get this choking problem I’ve got checked out.  It is getting scary for me.  Ahhh, but as Jason shares most times I am choking, don’t worry you’ll pass out soon and then you’ll be fine.  Assuming of course that I have choked on something liquid. 

Lovely, that just gives you the idea of the type of compassion I’ve got here!  I know I know, I married a man who became a firefighter.  Patch ‘em up and Move them on.  This dealing with stuff long term is something that his manual doesn’t cover.

I started moving the clothes around in my closet today, the summer things to the back and the longer sleeved things to the front. 

I am not very excited about these clothes but hey, I will deal.  I’ve got some fun vintage coats to wear this winter.  The only drawback for me is that they are heavy.  But hopefully that also will mean that I will get some stronger muscles built up hauling them around.

Speaking of muscles, I am back to wearing my Doc Martins!  I love my steel toed shoes.  I have had them for YEARS!  I got them while visiting my sis in Arizona one year.  They are so old, but you’d never know it, they’ve worn the best of any shoes I’ve ever had, and I never treat them nicely!  I bought them at a chicken store.  So they were already having issues, but I didn’t care.  Even when I had more $$ to spend I didn’t like paying full price! 

I really feel like I got a deal with them!  They weigh about 4 – 5 pounds each I swear!  So I can really get some good muscles going when I wear them.

I noticed though that all of my sneakers, are the mesh type, my feet are FREEZING in them!  I need to find some leather ones that aren’t so breezy!  I have cold feet anyway and with the winter air blowing through wowie does that make them icy!

More of my shoe saga… I did manage to find this spring an 8 dollar pair or so of hiking boots from  I am really liking that store.  Of course I only get things on super clearance… but hey!  It is good stuff!  I really need to find some slip on snow type boots.  I of course love the Uggs! Talk about out of my league.  My niece has decided she wants some shoes like that too!  I found some at target at least in their add.  I don’t know what their soles are like but the $22 or something price tag sounded much more reasonable.  Although I am waiting yet to spend that amount right now too.  I did tell my sister about them in hopes that my niece would have some great new boots to use when she heads off to school!

I’d sure like to get some riding type boots too brown and black.  I have some knee length boots, unfortunately they all come with heels….  and since the no heel rule applies for me even more in the winter… well.  Those are going to have to start looking for a new home. 

There is a new consignment shop that opened up in my town.  That is pretty cool.  I might take some of my things down there.  Surely someone would like some nifty things!  I am not ready to give up all of my cool shoes, but 2 pairs of the boots I have I might be willing to part with.  My red pair I can’t part with yet!  I sure love those!  I stick them on occasionally and stomp around in them.  I will post some pictures!  I wonder if I will be able to find red boots that are flat that I love….. hmmmm… 

Speaking of pictures… I finally bit the bullet and connected my crappy phone to the computer to sync and download the pictures I had taken. 

So here’s a bit of what I’ve been storing on my phone to share!

King Luka…. Da Dat Da Da Dat Daaaa!!!  After his bath in September!


 IMAGE_525 IMAGE_558 IMAGE_607

It was a really beautiful day as you can see.  Gorgeous in the sunshine and cool in the shade!  This is the last day that I was able to spend time outside!  I am so thankful for this day!


I rested a while and then laid down a dry towel and did my therapy exercises while Luka stood guard enjoying the sunshine!


I just love how the trees looked in the sunshine!  This day was just outstanding!


Using my abs….


Upsi Daisy….  getting the abs to work and work….  Yea!


Luka attended my cousin’s wedding with me.  Here he is basking in the sunshine watching the world go by!


Ok, so I think I will share more of my pictures later.  I am also going to post some of me and my family on Facebook later so go check out my pictures there as well! 


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