Sunday, March 28, 2010

AtTiTuDe & mY hUbBY!

What do you do when everything falls apart?

You just start picking up the pieces one at a time.

Our lives often feel like a puzzle.  Often times fitting together perfectly.  Most of the time a little effort is required, if not allot of effort.

Today seemed to be no exception.  I don't feel like disclosing what happened.  I will say it involved money of course..

But Jason is once again my hero.  This time he used major amounts of self control, I am sure!  I am sure thoughts of running the other direction entered his mind every time I started to speak.  He also gave me hope when I was losing it.

I appreciated that.  I am usually the hopeful one.. but I am frustrated these days and on and off of pain meds I am sure does not help my mental state.

At any rate.. Jason persisted through many obstacles that were in his way.  He came out on the other side my shining hero!  I really know that his frustration and stress level have not been decreasing.  He however has really been shining in the attitude department!  I am not sure what he is doing.  He really never has been bad or horrible... he used to just be less than excited about some things..  and his tone would reflect it.

His tone has changed.  His attitude is changing.  I am loving that!

He deserves so much credit for sticking with me!  He has just been the best husband anyway.  He does everything that has to be done.  This time what he did helped me be a stronger person.  His attitude and willingness to do all that he could with the best attitude really meant the world to me.  It makes me love him even more.  He is quite wonderful.  I feel blessed in the midst of difficult times.

He has also been out taking some other great pictures!!  I am really impressed with what he does!  I love looking at all of the cool things he is out seeing and capturing digitally! We have yet to print any of his shots.

Maybe in the future.  But since that costs extra we will just have to have a plan! 

I love this one.  It is so simple it is peaceful to me!

Some leaves hang on despite all of the challenges that winter provides and this winter was a doozie!  These leaves to me remind me of the potential in all of us to hang on spring or a new season will be here soon!

I wish I could do something that would improve things as we know it.  I am working on that...

For now I am just going to hang on and listen to him playing his guitar in the basement!

Love you honey, and I appreciate you and all that you do!

Pink Doberman

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