Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SuRpRiSeS!!!, FiShiNG & HuNTiNG

When life shoots you lemons make some Pink Lemonade!  I sure try to do that.  Work within what I can do and do my best at it.  I am different, that is a given!  I have always known that.  I am a girl who grew up working on a farm like a boy.  My dad was an ag teacher and then farmer/rancher my mother was a Home Economist and then substitute teacher, librarian and then everything else until she found her calling as a career counselor for a local university.

So I grew up with both worlds being shoved at me.  I did the farm chores, the irrigating, the digging of musk thistle roots and dead heading into a bag, laying out of aluminum irrigation pipe and picking it up, as well as everything in between.  My mom enrolled me in 4-H.. I was a handful.  I did all of the "girl stuff" wrong... being a very frustrating child for my perfectionist mother.  She soon kicked me out of the house and gave me to my father to keep using for chores and things outside.  I even ended up enrolling in Ag in High School.  What a shock that was for everyone!

Well, all that time with boys, meant I was also learning to use some boy's toys.  Heavy metal bands, cars, as well as shooting.  My dad has always loved to fish so I did that too.  I much preferred water skiing!  But just loved being out on the lake even if swimming wasn't in the plan for the day.

If we did a good job chopping thistles my dad would take us to the lake.  If it had rained we'd go to the lake... as I became an adult the opportunities didn't present themselves and the boat my dad had had to small of a motor to pull adults out of the water very well.  Every opportunity I go to go out to the lake I would take of course!  I still loved it.

The hunting opportunities went by the wayside as well.  I'd say I am more of a shooter of non alive objects.  But since Luka my service dog is allergic to everything, I now feed him deer.  A friend has gotten me one every year.  That has been great!  Luka eats so much that that isn't going to last us all year for sure.  So I was thrilled when after going to the latest "Outdoor Type Show" in the area, that my husband came home with a brochure for a group of hunters and fishermen that take out people with disabilities.  They even have adaptive devices for us to use!  I thought I couldn't even fish because holding on to the pole would prove to be painful!  Let alone reeling it in.  Shooting a gun, well lets just say I can't even lift my guns up.  ( Yes, I am a gun owner.)

I never bought my guns I earned them.  I sold magazines in High School and if you were the top seller of magazines that week you got to pick out prizes.  They were boys prizes since we were raising money for FFA.  Guns and knives and stuff.  So that's what I earned!  I also got a bunch of other junky stuff as well.  But I worked hard to be the best, even if the prize was a gun.  ( I thought I'd give them to my dad.)

Nope, he was happy I had earned them and he got me shells for them, and then some of the guys in FFA took me out shooting, and my outdoor adventures took another turn.  I ended up shooting a few animals, not for sport, but living on the farm rabid animals or dangerous animals sometimes appear.  I could shoot and so I did what needed to be done.

I love target shooting, and shooting traps.  I really also like eating deer since it is hormone free and very lean and it costs less.  It is also great for Luka.  Jason used to hunt as well.  He's been talking about getting out again.  I have shared that he should go, that I just didn't know how to make it work.  Taking me along is no vacation.  I am allot of work for him.  I need a mattress, I need help with this and that, I need a level place to sit, I can't be out there picking up branches for a fire or chopping anything.  I could cook, if things were at standing height and I had a flat surface.  I really need a camper..   He's wanted to go camping for a long time now, we used to do that!  We have friends with matching tents and chairs, we used to go on outdoor adventures!  Go canoeing, or hiking checking out all that was around to see.  I guess I just need to give it a try and see what I can do.. 

Read about how I am finding the impossible might once again be possible..

Check out this organization!     SANDS  I want you to check it out so I won't even share what the acronym means...

I guess there are people who may help us with all sorts of things.  I am a handful without my physical issues.. =D.

Oddly enough one of the people in the group is a boy ( a man now) who I grew up sitting in front of at church when I was little!  I think that is pretty cool! 

Yes I really am also a girly girl too!  Fashion, Makeup, Pink.. I guess my personality is sort of a dichotomy. 

If you know one side of me you may not know about the other... I am different I always have been.  I may look just like you, but I am unique.  You may look just like me but you are unique.  I value you and what you are able to do.  Please value me and what I am able to do.  Look at our similarities not our differences. 

When I open a door, treat me with respect, I promise to do the same.  That is all I ask! 

By the way Channel 10/11 Lincoln NE will be featuring LB 858 on March 2 and 3 with a series of different interviews.  I hope you will watch, record, or check out their website on the subject!  So THAT IS TODAY AND TOMORROW!  ...  (this is one of my surprises) 

Hope you will watch! 
You might just find out who I am!

Pink Doberman

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