Saturday, March 13, 2010

HoMe hEaRt iS

Home is where the heart is. 

Jason is home again.  Which is so nice.  He is sleeping now and since I've been a night owl, I am typing.  I think when I go to sleep he will soon wake up.  Which works out fine anyway.  He's got plans to go out and snap some more pictures! 

I am happy for that.  I know he didn't take many shots on his teaching trip.  So this will give me more to look at tomorrow.  I have really been craving something new to look at.  We have bunches of pictures, lots of decent ones and many good ones.  We also have lots of bad ones.. so I think I am going to work on deleting those!  Get them out of our files. 

I also need to get some pictures printed.  I have to get those chosen as well.  I am really hoping that tomorrow will be a nice day and I can get outside for a bit and sit in my chair.  My medication should be available as well.  So that might solve a few of my issues.  Fingers crossed! 

While my life has come to a slow down, others I know have had their lives put on the fast track.  They are busy multi-tasking and doing this interesting thing and that.  I am glad that they are.  My head lately has been slow.  Slow at even imagining.  I don't know if the depression is getting worse or what. 

Yeah, I realize I am depressed.  I have been down this road.  You could say I am an expert.  I will beat it.  I sure could use some warm weather and sunshine to make it easier.  Come on Spring!  Lets turn this country GREEN! 

I need to get our taxes sorted for our CPA also.  Yikes.  That is going to take a clear head.  I have hopes of doing that.  I have gathered everything, I did that in Feb... I am going to start running out of time. 

I also would like to do some baking.  A friend posted a gluten free recipe on her blog. 

Another friend would be fun to have over to eat the gluten free recipe with!  She could probably use it too.  She's going through a rough transition.  Brain Surgery.  Can you even imagine what that must be like.  Anyhoo.. she had a seizure this week her first week out from surgery.  We are worried for her as you can imagine. 

At the same time we are also quite frustrated.  I am not in any condition to go off galavanting to see her.  Hopefully I will get something worked out with that.  It would be perfect to go hang out with her.  I am not sure if she is buzzing around her house or sitting quietly.. but either would be fun.  Her hubby could probably use someone to talk with also. 

Since Jason is practically an expert in dealing with lifestyle change..  Both guys are so similar it is frightening!  It would be something that they may both enjoy as well.  Who knows, we will just have to see what happens.

I did look outside today.  Last week or sometime anyway, I had taken a picture of a robin.  A big big fat robin.  Full of eggs.  Today I glanced out the window to see skinny robin's out and about.  So I wonder if the eggs are all laid?  

I am quite proud of this picture!  Jason was even surprised!  I must say that I am even more proud because I changed the camera's settings to get the lighting right.  Jason had shown me how one day.. Well, I hadn't paid that good of attention to how he got to the screen..  So I just started pushing buttons.. 

I am sure he would have been mortified and terrified that I was going to wreck something.. But hey, the camera is virtually a computer right??  The main thing is not to drop it!  And I had that puppy hooked on so it was not going anywhere! 

I shot my first bird!  (BIG GRIN)

I really can't wait to see more birds.  My grandmother used to paint them all of the time.  Maybe that is what I will try to do as well.  She liked using acrillic paint.  But I think I am more of a watercolor girl.  I have been wanting to try out the oil thing... so who knows. 

I also want to make a braided rug.  I am guessing I will need help with this stitching the whole thing up because it will get quite heavy.  But we really need a rug for our living room and I think I could make a pretty great one!  I have it all in my mind.

I thankfully have not had a migraine the past day or so!  I am super thrilled about that!  The last one I had was a doozy with all of the other issues I was having.  Luka caught it, so while it did get worse than they have been we did get it caught soon enough for the meds here at home to take care of it.  Thankfully!  I really hate going to the ER. 

I might give the urgent care thing a try sometime.  But I need to find out more about that.  I have a feeling they'd just throw their hands up in the air with me.  Placate me and I still would have no relief. 

Hopefully that issue is mute anyway.  I plan on only going to the hospital as a visitor, not as a patient. 

Since I have not been moving around much, my neck is doing better!  No moving no causing unhappy nerves!  But my rear end and the back of my head are going to need a vacation.  They are so unhappy!  Way to much sitting in similar positions! 

I am looking forward to dying some Easter Eggs.  I can't wait to share pictures!  They are going to be glorious!  I even have friends coming to dye them with me!  I don't know what I will do with them, but I just thought they would be fun to make.  It is a workshop with a teacher and everything!  I am so excited! 

The last one of these I could not attend.  So I am better prepared this time.  Jason is going to be home and can run Luka and I out to the class!  Even if I feel crummy I will go and watch!  That way I can do it later on my own! 

I think the way we will be doing the eggs will be similar to using water color as well.  Not the same but similar.  It looks interesting to me anyway.  I can't wait to share pictures! 

Life is a gift, be sure to open yours!

Pink Doberman

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