Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Impressed!  A favorite show of ours just Rocked Tonight!  Wow!  

Thanks so much to N.C.I.S. for choosing to feature how important the people are who train Service Dogs!  Abby brought on the show tonight her new Guide Dog in Training!  How Cool is that?  The show also featured a guy with TWO Wives..  Aired on 3-9-10  Check out the cute puppy that she is training!

Jason watches this show as often as possible!  We both just love it!  For sure it is one show we can both agree to watch, and my trigger finger never flicks to a different stream during this show!

He could watch this show over and over again!  If we are at a place with cable and there is a N.C.I.S. Marathon on, well there is a good chance Jason will spend part of the day de stressing in front of the flickering screen!

Here is also the link to a great rescue resource are the Pilots who fly rescue animals to their new homes!  Check it out!  Pilots N Paws 

I also want to announce I think I have found a breeder to get my next Service Dog to train from!  I did have hopes to find the correct dog through rescue.  The more I have learned about the type of dog needed the more I have also learned about what I am needing and looking for in my next Service Dog.

Physical Traits
Hair- Short very low or now maintenance..
Tall- Ideally 30 inches at the withers
Strong- Of course
Sound- Good history of hips
Health- No bad genetic health issues
Prefer Male dog.... I just do.  Personally like the boys better.  I would love a girl to but I seem to bond better with the Male dogs.

I realized since Luka has so many allergy issues, that I really need to consider genetics and breeding.  I don't want to put all of this hard work into a dog that will end up having a great chance of illness.

If I were searching for a pet, I would not be so picky...

Not afraid
Willingness to be present and apart of my life
Strong Presence
History in the breeding line of other Successful Service Dogs..

There is more but I won't bore you..

Right now the only problem is affording to get one of the pups.  They come with a $2300 price tag... Untrained..  Yeah, you are right that is way out of my budget.

I have only spoken with the breeder once.  So there is lots more follow up to do.  But I am drawn to her as she has a very great heart and she prayed for me when we were on the phone talking.   She is a good pray-er.  I am in admiration. 

As soon as we get this latest round of bills caught up and a couple of health issues taken care of, I will be starting to save.

Cromoley!  I knew a dog like this would be a bit pricey..  So we will just see.  Maybe there will be a Miracle!

I've been searching for years now.
At least one part of the puzzle is solved!

I am happy for that!


Pink Doberman

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