Thursday, April 1, 2010

NoT tOo BaD!

Happy April 1st!  No Jokes here... I am not good at those, they always seem to back fire or really irritate someone..  So just the normal happy it is SpRiNG thing!!

So excited about Spring!  Have I mentioned that yet?  Really excited!  I mean REALLY!  I am watching 4 rabbits running through the alley of the block next to ours.  They are out having fun, playing hopscotch, the birds are eating out of our bird feeder that just yesterday I placed outside my window!  We ave red birds, blue birds, black birds, brown birds.. so many birds.  I have the windows open and am listening to them all chatter!  It is so wonderful!  Not to mention the beautiful sunshine that we have been having and the warm lovely weather!  Oh MY!  This girl is so much happier! 

I slept all morning, another migraine.. with a whole pile of medication to get rid of it.. by two I was able to be up and around a bit, so I continued to work on getting the house in shape a bit! After yet another night of not sleeping I've had a really good day!  I've even gone out and gotten the mail!  Woo Hoo! 

The eggs I thought were going to be delivered to day never came.. UGGG... because I also have managed to get the potatoes baked, and the squash baked as well..   So this will mean no eggs for Luka this batch..  as the eggs need to go in with the hot potatoes.  What do they say about the best laid plans??  Just gotta smile..

I didn't get any gardening stuff done today, my neck is still pretty sore from being up so much yesterday.  So after being up for a while I am back to resting..  I suppose that will do.. The interesting things outside are keeping me company and driving Luka nuts..

Luka is laying here frustrated because all of the other dogs in the neighborhood start barking at things every once in a while..  He'd love to get outside and join them.  Sadly for him that is not what I am up for today.  I had planned to sit outside.. I kind of did, by opening up the windows I could get the best of it with out getting more tired!  I had a good day!  I am glad! 

I just love this picture!  Jason does such a nice job!  He took Luka out to play and got some great pictures of him too! 

While I am thrilled the snow is gone!  I do love some of the pictures that Jason took this past winter.  I truly think it was the thing that made the winter survivable for me! 

Well, for now Tchau! 
Pink Doberman

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