Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well it has been a while since I last posted.  My body is still not at all happy.  This is what I get for trying to do more I suppose.  It is so nice outside I want to be up moving around.  Problem is, if I do I need more medication, the more I move the more medication.  Then even when I stop moving I am still needing more medication for days for my body to recover.  I am so frustrated!!!!

I have not been writing much.  I have not been around a lap top to write with.  Sitting at a computer at a desk does not happen much and does not happen for long. 

This post is in my bed and with Jason's laptop.  Glad he lets me use it.  It won't be a long post.  I was informed that I had not written in a while.  I don't feel much like moving let alone examining how I feel. 

I am medicated.  I may soon be more medicated.  Yesterday I was so medicated I felt sick from being so medicated.  Nausea.... Pain..... funny vision.... 

Well I have the pain and funny vision today.  can't tell you how happy I am about this.  I am just going to sit here and go back to my stupor. 

My husband and friends have been great.  I will just say that.  This whole time has not been completely unproductive or horrible there have been some very nice moments. I am however:::  WoW --- feeling the pain.  I just want to shut it all off.   If it were warmer, I would go lay in the sun and forget about it all. 

And sorry no pictures.  Can't think about doing that right now.  I'll be back soon I am sure.  I did get my injections rescheduled.  I think.  I know I called them, I just can't remember when.  I should stop writing so I don't feel any worse about myself. 

Life will be better soon.  Meantime I am not moving!



Shweta Chaubey said...

i too hope that life becomes better soon...just going to say a little prayer for myself and for you too! take care...

~Pink~Doberman~ said...

Thanks so much! All prayers are welcome!! I will say one for you too! Blessings and Hugs!!