Thursday, April 29, 2010


Shoes!  Can I tell you again how I really love shoes!  I've been bit again by the shoe bug!  I am partial to Brazilian Shoes!  But I pretty much love all pretty shoes!  I think my room would be shelved in shoes if I had my way! 

My friends at the Buckle have some the shoes that have inspired this post.  I am in the mood for pretty shoes.  I put a pair of my naughty naughty heels on the other day and walked about in them for a minute.  I really miss my shoes.  I don't dare wear them much.  I am wobbly at best these days.  I still dream of wearing my shoes again.

Soon!  That is my hope.  Jason has finally worked enough that I can start back to the Dr. again as well as get started back to therapy.  Down side to that between him working all that he does the only other thing that he will be able to do is drive me to the appointments.  They have already started, but will be back to full swing next week.  I wish it hadn't taken us this long to gather enough funds.  But I can't stand owing all of these places so much money.  We still will have to deal with some bills but with him continuing to work all that he does and has scheduled I think we will make it through.  Maybe not gracefully but hey, who is graceful these days??

I am grateful for getting back to the Dr. and therapy.  I've been sliding backwards which has been discouraging.  I am trying some new things so who knows.  I am praying for a miracle, in more ways than you can imagine!

I went for a walk yesterday with Jason we went a few blocks.  It was great!  Unfortunately my legs started to give out before we got back home.  He carried me the rest of the way.  Just moving around the house today too they started to get weak.  So I really am going to have my work cut out for me!  If my neck isn't bugging me something else starts as I over do in other areas.  grrrr.

My neck has done pretty well today actually.  I am happy about that.  I did read a post today about a gal who I've been reading about who has begun to get denials from her insurance for her recovery.  This makes me sick.  She is still in recovery and if her therapy does not continue she may never get any semblance of her life back.  It is so scary!  She is a young mother who has had a stroke she used to work as a model.  Read about Katherine here.

I also wanted to take a moment to write a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to my friend!  I've got a new to me computer!  Jason has his back at work with him regularly and I can now access the internet!  There is more work to be done in this area, but thanks to my gracious and giving friend I am able to be all hooked up.  I forget when my computer died but it has been quite some time.  It was such a great surprise for me.  I am just so grateful!  I've also been quite grateful for Jason letting me keep his computer with me since mine had crashed. 

Life is good!  I am blessed! 

Here is to getting your toes some sunshine!

Pink Doberman

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