Saturday, April 3, 2010


Sometimes I really wonder. 

Not sleeping well last night it was no wonder that Luka's nose found me..  his persistence paid off and I woke up enough to take my medication.  Thankfully so!  Not sure what happened but I am still feeling horribly achey and sore today.  I am wondering if I need to take even more medication.  I am doing well but can only imagine what today would have been like with out him. 

Jason woke up too, because every time I try to be quiet, I think I am noisier that ever!  So frustrating.  At any rate it was nice because Luka just was not calming down.  So he got put in bed by me.  Thank goodness for our king sized bed.  Jason needs it anyway because of his size but with three of us in here I am so grateful for it.  Especially since I am the one in the middle. 

Luka dutifully curled up next to me and slept there with me all morning.  Which I was glad for.  Often if he alerts on me he sticks to me like glue.  Which is so nice. 

On another topic, the food I made him yesterday of reheated potatoes did not seem to agree with him.  He got sick late this morning.  Not at all what I wanted to deal with but hey, at least I could. 

So I will try cooking the food yet again, I am guessing the raw eggs did not meld with the potatoes therefore some how upsetting his stomach.. That was the only difference this time..

I have also stopped the dry food.  Since doing these adjustments I did not want to confuse my results so I will start the kibble again next week to check out what happens.

I wish things were a little simpler.  The load of laundry I was planning to fold yesterday is still sitting here.  I ended up cooking something to eat rather than folding the load of laundry.  I've been staring at it.  I hope to get that done today.  Although I am sure that some of it will be so wrinkled that it will need to go back into the dryer.  ( that is my pet peeve.. wearing wrinkled clothes ) 

My whole body feels like it weighs a ton today, my legs hurt in strange places my arms hurt in strange places.. gosh I really don't know what is going on.  I am guessing I have just over done things.  So here I sit.  I have been looking out the window at the birds.  Jason got a couple more pictures which is so nice! 

I have also been looking at some things online as well.  Mostly facebook as I am not doing well in the thinking department today.  It is on again off again for me.  Besides my head is still hurting.  The additional medication is sounding better and better..  Probably should go find some more before I forget again..

I am doing pretend shopping on Etsy today!  Looking at all of the beautiful things and imagining that I have just ordered them.  Some for myself and some for gifts for others.  I do this in catalogs and magazines as well, only I grab a permanent marker and do it with them.  Today I am only doing the internet thing. 

It makes me feel better.  I can't say why, but since I have always loved shopping I guess it stands to reason.  Besides, doing it this way is much easier, I can have an unlimited budget and can gift everyone I know!   Have you been to Etsy?  Surely you have!  It is where you can find anything made by hand, and some old things as well.  

You can find things from the Wild and Fun to the Simple and Chique! 

Here are some of the fun things I have found!  I think these would be great to wear to an exercise or dance class.  I love the white ones!  Brazilian Style of course!!  Cha Cha Cha!

This would be pretty in my hair I think! 

This is just so lovely!

This reminds me of four special little girls!   

My niece would love this!

I love vintage jewelry

Well you get the idea!  I could go on and on and on all day!  I mostly just sit and look at the recently posted items.  I have never purchased anything off of Etsy.  I would love to!  But just can't justify it.  Jason says I can justify anything I want.  But little does he know how long my list can go! 

Mind boggling.. and NO I do not sit here and think of every thing I can't have and be miserable!  Quite opposite, I am just happy that there are people out there living their dreams, following their passion and I love seeing what great things they come up with.  You never know.. some day I may become an Etsy purchaser!  For now I will be a dreamer!

Here's to happy dreams!
Pink Doberman

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