Friday, April 2, 2010

HiS bUSy DaY!

What another nice day.  For sure!  I am so happy about the weather!  The birds are out chirping again!  I could get used to this! 

This morning I was doing pretty well, the eggs got delivered!  Yeah, I reheated the potatoes that I had left out of Luka's first batch of food and Jason mixed them up! 

When Jason arrived home this morning he was busy working to get the things I wanted done finished.  That was until he learned that the telephone systems for the county were not functioning.  He then went to sit and wait for possible emergencies at the volunteer fire station.  He was there for many hours.  When he arrived back home he started some yard work.  He worked hard at dethatching our lawn.  He got one section of it done before coming in to mix up the food shower and run out to another teaching job. 

Thank goodness for these teaching jobs, we've had a huge break in them this winter, it is really showing in our financial state.  Hopefully change is right around the corner!  While I hate that he is gone, we will love it when we can have a little more stability. 

I keep trying to do things.  Today started off well, until I took a shower.  While drying my hair, something happened and my neck flared up again!  Grrr.. Spent the whole afternoon in bed.  Frustration.  The great thing is that by laying down flat for many hours, I was able to stop the increasing pain and did not take any medication.  I never know what is going to happen next.  I guess life stays interesting that way.

One thing at a time things are getting done around here!  That is exciting all on its own.  Jason got part of the yard done, I have mostly clean floors in the house, I forgot to ask Jason to finish the last two.  (not his favorite thing)  While I have been hurting some, when I am not I am up pittering around doing things, the dishes are done!!  Yea!  I am going to fold some laundry soon!  So that will be great!  I have started sorting the clothes winter ones need to be packed away.  They take up so much room!  It will be so nice to have that done!

I even had an egg for breakfast!  It was wonderful!  I did my cleanse and had an egg and a piece of toast!  A shake for lunch and and apple for a snack!  I have been marinating a steak, hoping that Jason would be able to eat it with me.  ( might have to wait a while longer for that.. I think I need to cook it up tonight anyway ) I had planned to make it for us for lunch.. but he was gone waiting for emergencies..

Well, I did not have the steak for supper.  I made a meal from leftovers.  It was fabulous.  I am thrilled I could be up and cook something!  Some days that is so difficult for me to do.  I love to do it but some days it just is not possible.  It was today, that is something wonderful to be thankful for!  Especially after my afternoon. 

I think I am managing things better.  At least I hope so.  I am trying to.  The birds are helping.  Wish I had some more energy, that is for sure.

Hopefully they will figure out what is going on soon with the phone systems.  It is not a good situation.  He just called he is done with his class.  He will be home soon, in time to go to sleep.

Of course there are emergencies and things going on all over the world.  Medical emergencies and catastrophic weather has wreaked havoc like mad.  It really puts things into perspective.  We each do what we can and consider others and what they are going through.  I like the thought of each one reach one.  Do something nice and unexpected for someone else today.  You never know who is having a rough day or going through something that a little unexpected cheer would make better.

I love it when my day has been brightened, and I love brightening other people's day as well!  I am going to think of some more things I can do..

In addition I would like to mention that today is National Autism Awareness Day!  I encourage you to learn about one of the most inspirational people I know. ( I don't know her personally of course.)   She has Autism and is amazing to me!

Hope your day has been brightened or you've brightened someone's day!

Pink Doberman

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