Wednesday, April 7, 2010

OuTsiDe iN a PaRk

I am thrilled to be having some good days.  I was able to be out and about with Jason the other day!  It was wonderful.  I was having pretty good balance and not to bad of pain.  It was lovely, the sun was shining!  We took lots and lots of pictures!  That was super fun..  (He took lots and lots of pictures!) 

I went along for the ideas..  I am not the best at these things but I am having fun with it.  It has been that I would share what I would like to have pictures of and he would go out and find it.  In addition to what he wanted to take pictures of of course.  But it is so fun for me to go with him.  We are pretty low key about it and it is so nice to be out and about doing something with him. 

Luka would have loved the day as well.  We went to a park.  But since I have been doing some food experimentation I thought it was best that he stayed home.  No one wants a dog with an upset tummy!  His tummy is doing so much better!  Which is wonderful!  I am getting things figured out.  Wish he wouldn't have to suffer through my inadequacies. 

The day was glorious though, not to cold, I thought it was going to be.  It was chilly.  I wore a tee shirt a bulky sweater a jacket a scarf and brought gloves along too!  It worked out rather well.  I used everything but the gloves and I did not freeze to death!  Of course I think I was wearing more than EVERYONE else who was out that day, but who cares! 

We even met up with some friends!  We took their pictures too!  That was really fun!  They did a great job of having fun in front of Jason's lens. 

We even stopped to see our friends baby.  By then I was getting pretty tired.  I did not say anything of course as then Jason would have just taken me straight home.  I really wanted to go see our friends at the hospital! 
So we did.  I even held the new little guy for a bit.  (About 2 minutes.)  Before my arms could not do it any longer.. I was even sitting in a chair with arm rests.. I was bummed.. but hey.  I don't hold many babies.  It has been hard for me to do, and I would not want to drop them.  The chair worked out great it provided good support so dropping was not going to happen..

He is adorable!  He was awake and everything!  Pretty cool!..  until my arm started freaking out..  His proud papa then held him until he fell to sleep.  Mom and Dad are doing great!  The nurses think Mom is super mom, she was up and about the day or so after her C section! 

She looks gorgeous and radiant as well of course!

We had a great visit with them!  By the time I was done I could not hide my exhaustion.  But I was so happy to have gone to see them!  Jason had a great time too!  We really like hanging out with our friends!  I am sure we will be getting together for supper in a bit as well.  At least I would like to. 

Look at what the military is testing? 

It was a great day! 

Pink Doberman

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