Sunday, April 4, 2010

OnE mOrE DaY.

Things are better and better.  I guess a big storm system blew through.. Although we did not get much of it here I must have been feeling it.  I am doing so much better just exhausted now!  Thank God!  Easter weekend should be just beautiful!  I hope it is for everyone. 

Things are pretty calm around here these days.  I am happy with that I guess. 

We have friends with a new baby!  That is divine!  Another who is doing well after having brain surgery.  Several friends being thought of this week who have kids with Autism.  A cousin who has kids with Traumatic Brain Injury who has just closed on a house they will be fixing up.  Another friend who had a fire in her home is her new roof on her house this week, another who is going through a traumatic divorce.  Four weddings coming up.. life is amazing. 

Birds are beautiful..

Friends with birthdays, others who are finding jobs, one who has survived cancer, another who has had a foster daughter change her name to include hers.  Some other friends are dealing with the loss of their mother or father.   I am also sure there are more whom I am sure are going through something whether it be exciting, traumatic, or normal that I have not heard from.  Life moves on it takes turns, and will always come to an end. 

I personally like living in the dashes.  The things in between birth and death.  I really like all that people can cram in that little tiny dash.  A person from the town in which I live is headed back to the space shuttle!  How cool is that!  Clay Anderson will be making his second trip in to space.  Talk about a person who never gives up.  While I have met him, (most people in town have if they wanted to)  I knew his mom.  She was an amazing person herself.  PBS did a special on him as well!  Here is his Wiki Profile..  You can even follow him on Twitter

It is official, Luka has some sort of upset tummy, he has now thrown up three times.  He is going to have to stay at home for a few days, not that we've gone anywhere recently any how.  But I was hoping to.  We will just have to see how that is all going to work out. 

Some more Etsy things..

This is beautiful!  Very stylish!

How adorable for someones little girl! 

Reminders of my childhood.   It is truly amazing what you can find on Etsy!   

Excited about some things coming up.  It is nice to have things to look forward to.  Even if they are simple!

Hope you are looking forward to something!  I am... I am looking forward to some Peeps and Malted Milk Eggs!

Pink Doberman

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