Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have just realized that this is the first winter since the car accident that I have made it through the winter feeling no worse for wear physically!  Woo HOO!  I stayed inside almost all winter and I am out attacking life with as much as I have got.  ( It isn't much I admit, but I am doing what I can.)  It feels good.  I worked in the garage again today.  Jason read my frustration about my garden happenings or not happenings... 

Leftover seeds!  I have seeds from last year.  I don't know how many of them will actually sprout and be productive, but it gives me hope.

He got the garden all cleaned out, moved some strawberry plants into pots and even pulled out some over grown grass.

He also discovered that I have quite the crop of onions going already in the garden! 

Which is super cool, as the onions I planted last year I thought would die over the winter.  NOPE!  They are alive!  Woo Hoo!  And they are thriving!  Which is most wonderful I must say!

The birds have been very active around here!  I am really enjoying the different varieties that come by my window.

I got some pots ready for planting today, Jason cleaned out all of the large square outdoor pots!  Yea!  Those are hard for me as they sit so low.  He also tossed some flower seeds in them as well, which is super!  We should have some pretty flowers this year!  If the seeds work that is.  =).

Frustrations never cease around here it seems though, one of his radio antenna's bit the dust, two batteries for his power drill no longer work... and while getting his broken antenna off his bumper, he damaged his bumper and now needs another part for his wrangler.. and the battery in his truck won't stay charged..  Oh my!

In addition to the clasps he needs for his soft top that he just remembered after a winter of not thinking about his broken soft top..  Oh joy..  Life does indeed continue to toss us some curve balls, but nothing that can't be fixed over time. 

He has just figured out a solution to his truck battery! 
My husband is so smart!  He has it hooked up to start with solar power!  How cool is that!  What a Mr. Smarty Pants!!  I love it! 

I need to figure out a bread type recipe.. so I can eat my new organic peanut butter!  Which tastes marvelous I might add, I have been having it with my soy/coconut ice cream.  MMMMMmmmmMMMM.... Hot Fudge is also a welcome addition to my concoction as of late!  Can you say heaven?

I might have to break down and have this tasty treat AGAIN tonight!  We brought desert to a friends house and we made an ice cream bar!  It was awesome!  We've really been indulging lately!  I think it has been something that Jason and I needed... fun food that gives us the feeling of not being in our "normal" life!

We've got a plan. It might take us a while to get things accomplished, but we will get there.   

I did go out and weed the strawberry bed a bit more.. good thing Jason was here.  Bending down like that, well let's just say it would have been interesting if he hadn't been home.  He picked me up out of the strawberry bed and carried me back into the house to rest.  I was better later.  But I know better than to go pulling weeds with out him being home.  Hopefully by the end of summer I will be able to do that again. 

Here is a picture of the seed boxes.  I managed to get some of the seeds put in them as well.  I did that several days ago, and they are still sitting in the garage.  I need to get some water on them and get them in the sun.  Someday, one day soon.  I know that will happen. 

I did get some laundry done, and the dishwasher unloaded.  The hand wash dishes are still waiting for me.  Guess they are going to have to wait a little longer.

Faith is here. 

Pink Doberman

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