Monday, April 12, 2010


So my last post being from a while a go, spoke to Luka's allergies to food.  I am hopeful that things are starting to work themselves out.  I have gotten the upset tummy under control it seems.  Thank goodness!  That was miserable. 

Things are going rather well, besides the fact minute by minute I never know how long I am going to have to feel well or how long I am going to have to feel crummy.  But I can handle this.  The warmer weather leaves me feeling less stiff and sore.  It also helps when I have reached my limits as I am stuck in bed not moving for hours and I can look outside and see everything starting to green up and listen and watch the birds outside my windows. 

Jason and I got some more bird seed the other day.  He's been learning about that as well.  We bought "big" bird food and "little" bird food.  Hopefully this will keep the big birds away from the little birds.  We will soon see.  The big bird feeder needs a bit of sprucing up.  I am hoping Jason will be able to paint it and make it a bit shinier. 

Of course the list for sprucing things up has grown.  But who's to say that it doesn't add a little charm to some things if they look a little worn. Problem is that most of our things are looking that way.  =) I guess we are just charming!  That's my thought and I am sticking to it. 

I really don't want to be 'That' house.. the one that everyone cringes as they drive by.  I think we might be getting closer to that... but I hope we can make some improvements this year to make where we live a little more appealing to the eye.  We are doing what we can at any rate.  I guess that is all that we can ask of ourselves.

In the meantime we are trying to live.  I've got lots to say for sure.  I have been rather occupied as of late.  Which I am thoroughly enjoying.  I must say that I didn't want to be writing right now.  I was hoping to go yet another day with out posting.  I over did it again. 

Well, I stopped my actions before I couldn't get myself to bed on my own. So that is a good thing.  But, I woke this morning to a migraine, after having taken lots of pain medication for my neck last night.  Jason got me a migraine pill before going off to work.  That helped.  I woke again feeling rather well.  Thrilled!  I set about doing some things so I could have a clearer mind.  Messy house makes messy mind. 

At least it does for me.  While picking up things about the house, I completely remembered a favor I had promised a friend.  I felt so bad.  I called her and left a message apologizing and hoping to redeem myself.  Thank goodness I remembered!  I could at least apologize. 

I am listening to the television as I type.  Knit & Crochet Today just came on PBS!  This is the first time I have been sitting to watch TV when this show is on since I have learned the basics of knitting.  I am so excited. The show today is featuring knitting and crochet mixed!  How cool is that!  I of course have to master the basic stitch in crochet...   Ok so I am already confused by the pattern...  I will someday be able to understand this. 

The knitting has been great for me though.  It is really helping.  I get allot of anxiety sometimes.  Having the needles in my hand gives me something tangible to do and to focus on.  All I know how to do is pearl.  I just learned that word today, just now!  Hey, that is a start!  I am learning something! 

The knitting has also been great for me when I am not able to sleep, or when I don't have the computer and I have to sit still to let my body rest.  My mind always seems to be running.  Unless I am on pain medication.  Then it is running but woozie.  So the simple pearl stitch seems to work for me as well.  While I dream of making socks, sweaters, and dresses out of yarn, I think it is going to be the basic blankets and scarves for a while from this girl. 

You've gotta start somewhere.  I am hoping to find some really great cotton yarn, that is soft and will hold itself well.  But make a good stable blanket.  If I get good enough at this I may even be able to make some things as gifts. 

I am not going to share the project I am making.  I think it is ugly.  It is however a great learning project.  I am using acrylic yarn, and it is camouflage colored!  Lots of men are even doing this!  How cool is that! 

The birds outside are having a great day.  We have a beautiful Cardinal Couple that lives near here, a Dove Couple, many Finch Couples and lots of Black colored birds.  Oh, and a Blue Jay!    I think they are all just beautiful!  I never really cared much about birds before.  I knew that people watched them for sure.  I just was always to busy and to focused on my Mary Kay to appreciate watching the birds.  I don't think that was bad at all, but just different.  Really I would love to go back to that life.  But I am also happy watching birds.  I am having to learn to be happy where I am at.  Appreciate what I have and be grateful for it.  Believe me I am, even though it would seem as if I have to talk myself into it each day. 

That is apart of moving forward I think. 

Today, I am grateful for the fact I was able to clean the mirror in my bathroom and wipe off the counter as well.  I got the dirty towels and washcloths put in the laundry and dumped the rest of the laundry downstairs too.  I also sorted the laundry.  That is what did me in.  That is why I am now writing another post sitting in bed.  Crawling around on the floor to sort everything into laundry piles is exhausting for my body. 

I really did debate whether to do this or not.  But Jason is so busy these days and it is his least favorite thing to do.  Well, I don't know about least favorite.  I truly think that all cleaning activities are his least favorite.  He does do them but I don't think he does them with a sense of joy.

I thought to myself, if I do the laundry or do some laundry,  that will be one thing that he won't have to do.  I got all of the clothes in our bedroom put away.  Our bedroom couch is all cleared off.  It looks just great!  So when he gets home he will notice I am sure.  He likes a clean house, and appreciates it when he does not have to be the one doing it.  I used to hire someone to do the housework.  I really liked that.  I could then focus more on Jason and my Mary Kay clients and team members.  I never have been great at doing EVERYTHING.  But I have been great at doing things I could focus on.

If I can focus on one thing, I truly believe I can be great at it.  These days it is even harder to do that.  It seems as what I now focus on is doing all that I can without doing to much.  How frustrating. 

But I do feel lucky that I can at least do things some days.  Like the laundry.  I am also going to be taking some online classes!  I am super excited about this as well!  YEA!  I have been looking for some learning opportunities online!  I have finally found some! 

So I will be sharing those with you soon as well. 

I have one thing that is pretty constant in my life no matter how I feel.  I have passion.  I have it for things, about things, through things, around things, with things.  I think that is what keeps me going.  I am grateful for my passion. 

It sometimes will cloud my judgment, other times it clarifies it.  It can be a hindrance as well as a help.

I had thought about making something in my craft room downstairs today.  I was feeling so well.  But my passion for doing something to show my appreciation for all of Jason's hard work won out.  I am also hoping to finish the dishes.  I need to unload the dishwasher, and hand wash a pile of dishes that have been waiting for someone to clean them for a week. 

I also need to finish totaling up the information for taxes.  But I can't think about that until this other stuff is done.  I think I made the right decision to not finish a craft project.  But it is something I hope to be able to do sometime as well. 

My garden... well, I will have some photos to show you soon as well.  I can't wait.  Jason has just been wonderful!  I am very fortunate.  I know that! 

I hope you are fortunate too.
Pink Doberman

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