Sunday, April 19, 2009

PPP and Cleo

Pickles, Prom Pictures, Popcorn, and a new foster dobie Cleo are what today has brought so far.. Life is good, it really always is. Of course there are the irritations, but I really love those around me.

So, planning what to do each day can be a bit of a challenge, not knowing what I will be able to do does place limitations on my planning. But for the most part a healthy list of things that need done, can be adjusted for me no matter how I feel.

I am currently working on finding missing alumni for a reunion, I am sewing curtains for my house, which I really need to get back to finishing, now that I can sit up on my own. I have a whole bunch of unfinished projects on a shelf waiting for completion, and something is always needing cleaned.

I felt pretty well yesterday getting our senior ready for prom! We did not plan out her attire very well, we had a general idea, but had not done a test run... probably should have... After taking multiple things for migraines in the morning, I was able to be up and functioning around noon, in time to get the house picked up for pictures. Man can stuff accumulate, jackets on the couch, things on the kitchen table, a few dirty dishes, paper!!! my gosh that is everywhere! I got my makeup ready to do glam her up. She also informed me a girlfriend Amanda V. had asked if I would do hers as well. So I planned accordingly.

I was then on to making a corsage and boutonniere for our senior and her date. I used to do some flowers for weddings, so I have a bit of a basic stash of stuff. Just the supplies mostly, not the frilly stuff. The kids had picked up the flowers they wanted used and a wrist band, we were good to go! Thank goodness for my stash!

As I worked on the flowers, I wondered why hadn't I gotten to them earlier. I really hate waiting till the last minute for things. Especially remembering my childhood. Many things were done at the VERY last minute, and we would be late for things, or some things would never get done. My mind filled with many of those episodes, and my heart began to race.... what if I was doing to her what happened to me...... Oh, no I don't I can't do something to her that would make her feel as I did.

With those thoughts in my mind I would be sure to sabotage myself. I regained composer, told myself that this was crazy to be doing this at the last minute... I mean really, what if the migraine hadn't dissipated... where would she be then.

For now I was safe though, while I didn't have any extra time, I did have just enough. I even had enough time to toss on some sparkles to her silk gerber daisy and add some sparkle beads to accessorize! Whew! Now the only thing that I hadn't gotten done was her shoes. She was opting to wear those $1 flip flops. She'd gotten some before and they matched her dress perfectly!

Ideas were floating around in my head as to what could be done to pretty them up. I had a couple of ideas, some would take a while and others would be fairly quick... We'd have to see...

In the end the flowers, the makeup, the shoes, the pictures, the dresses, the nails, the hair, and everything else went perfectly!! She was feeling well too, which had been a major concern as she is dealing with many physical issues as well as dental issues that have been reeking havoc on her life. Geesh at 17 no one should be dealing with the myriad of issues that she's been faced with. It is ridicules! I guess that is why we have her with us. We are tackling these issues one by one, and while not easy, they are being resolved.

Her night went wonderfully all things considered. I was so glad! I had planned a ride to go get her in case she needed to be brought home early. Thank goodness for my awesome neighbor!

Jason who was at work, kept checking in, I know he wished he could have been here too, to help with all of the plans. We were also invited to a cousin's wedding. We sure wished that would have worked out as well. But with as much work as he's got to do to get everything covered, attending just wasn't an option. We were very lucky to get to see pictures, and I am sure that we will catch up with them later.

You can just do your best. That is all you can ask.

After yesterday's panic, of undone prep for prom... that makes me start thinking more about what I have yet to do for the next week or two. Truly we have been so focused on medical appointments for she and I, Jason's had some too.. that nothing else seems to be worked into the schedule. I get so tired out from them, and I know it is painfully hard for Jason, he does allot of driving and waiting for both of us. This week is shaping up to be no exception. She's got at least two Dr's appointments every day this week, I've got at least 4 but I need to have 6... I just can't do it... some of them will have to be put off. It is just too much.

Our newest foster girl is a beautiful gentle fawn colored doberman. She is good with kids, good with other dogs, I understand she is good around cats too! I am sure that we won't have her in long. There are requests already coming in for her.

Jason is off to see family today, had we been able to attend the wedding we'd have hooked up with more. Today worked out great anyway for him. He pulled his little now red trailer to his folk's house, he'd asked his dad to work on creating a lid for it. Something he thought they could do together. He also got to have a nice visit with his brother, something he hadn't done in forever. He got his top changed on his jeep and is now ready for summer to arrive.

That reminds me I've got to get goggles ordered for Luka. He goes everywhere with me, and last year wasn't too keen on all of the wind with a topless jeep. We are going to have to work on this. I sure hope he can get used to it.

Life is good.

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