Monday, February 7, 2011

CaTcH Up

Awake when I should be asleep.  Oh well what’s new.  I just ate my Isagenix Bar and now I am hoping that by getting some of the words out of my head and into the computer that I might just be able to fall back asleep again.  I need some.  I told Jason this morning that I think my insomnia is back.  Grrr.  Well, at least I did manage to stay in bed all of last night instead of getting up and wondering around the house aimlessly.  Not the best thing to do in the middle of the night while groggy. 

Luka did wake up with me once though, Jason was a hero and took him out and even got me a glass of cold water.  Which worked out great as my body had gotten very warm.. weirdly so..  I am excited for today.  I have lots I want to do. 

Some of which involves going for a swim.  Hope my suit is clean.. =)

We’ve been pretty busy around here in more ways than one.  Jason has been a mad man cleaning up and doing constructive projects around the house..  We have rid ourselves of one couch and are looking to find homes for one more loveseat and a reclining chair.  Less is more.  Less to move around, less to clean around.  We are going for a minimalist approach to living… Ok I am not very minimalistic.. but I am trying. 

I have hopes soon that I will also have a newly organized clothing closet.  He finished one organizer for our project room and it is working out fabulously I might add!  Have yet to find a place for everything but I’ve got a good start on it. 

We do things a little bit at a time around here.  Wish I could do it all at once, but neither my attention span nor my energy seems to last that long. 

I did make a skirt yesterday for our granddaughter!!  Yea!!  Excited about that!  I can’t wait to get it mailed off to Brazil!  It is an adorable Red Tule Skirt for her to play in.  We were informed that red is her favorite color.  So I think we may have to find a Husker shirt to go along with her skirt! 

In other family news all of our girls are doing well!  D is expecting again!!   YiPeee.. another G-baby!!  And she is almost an Exec Sr. Director in MK!  We couldn’t be prouder! 

F is finishing up law school, she is doing quite well!  A is in medical school, she has wrapped up her surgery rotation and is going strong! 

Our young friend N is now married and working in town, T is in school in Lincoln and working as well. 

Sisters and their kids are doing great also!!  We hope to be gathering in the spring when Dad and G come for a visit!  Yipee!!

Well lots of things to look forward to that is for sure.  Lots more as well but I am silent about that for now.

Life is moving forward, even if I have to drag it kicking and screaming!  Ha!

Oh, and Jason and I watched the super game last night.  Well he watched and I worked on the computer.  He did do his duty and remind me when the commercials were on though.  I had a margarita chips and salsa and then went to bed early, which may be the cause of my early rise and restless night.  =)

All in all we had a GREAT night watching TV and hanging out together!  And it worked out great, with both teams wearing yellow pants you couldn’t tell which team was going which way, or who was winning really and so  in our house at least there wasn’t much yelling at the screen!

As per feeds on Twitter we gathered this was not the case in other households. 


Pink Doberman

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