Friday, February 4, 2011


This month has been a bit hellish.  I don’t know what is going on other than it could be weather related, and attached as well to the fall I took at the Dr.s’ office, or the glasses being on and off and on and off, or just the simple fact that my brain has indeed been traumatized...  But I have been getting worse and longer lasting migraines nearly every day again. 

Right now they seem to be increasing in their life disruption… Not that my life is anything that exciting.  I have been working at some things that I’d really like to get done though… and these things are driving me NUTS!

I’d like them to go away.  I am however so grateful that they are no longer what they were for years after the accident.  I will be grateful for that every day of my life I don’t have those again.  These hurt and I can’t do much when I have them but I can move around a bit and I can do some things that don’t require perfection. 

I would just really like to be able to stop taking all of these migraine pain and muscle relaxation pills.  Pills pills pills pills… oh God, I hate pills! 

To top it off I fear I am running out of my allotted pill amount again.  The insurance company only lets you get so many migraines a month.  After that they aren’t considered worth treating I guess.  Which really stinks as these dumb pills are $$$$$$$$$ 

Sorry for the stinky post.  I am just frustrated.  I have big plans and these buggers have been making it very difficult to get my plans done.  It is very hard to try to function through these for me.  I try.  Maybe I shouldn’t, but I can’t bear the thought of another unproductive day passing. 

Jason made me rest yesterday, it did help.  I have only been awake a couple of hours now again and I will be heading back to sleep yet again.  There is sunshine and I will be asleep.  Drat!

On other notes, I am becoming an artist.  I will be sharing more about this later!  Just know I am making my dream happen.  Even though by other standards it may not seem like much, it is and has been something I am having to work very hard for. 

I am not doing it alone, but I am doing it.  I am so grateful for the people who’ve been placed in my life.  Jason especially.  Others of you you, well most of you know who you are.  Thanks!

I am pushing through.  Make way!


Pink Doberman

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