Monday, January 31, 2011

BeD HoG..

Not sleeping tonight leads to blog post.  I’ve been doing pretty well in the sleep department as of late.  Which I enjoy and I think helps to make my days a bit more productive.  This night however has seemed unusually long.  Which is unfortunate as Jason is trying to sleep. 

I finally relented and am on the computer.  I have just caught up reading a myriad of blog posts that had built up in my Google Reader.  I love GR.. Just saying.  When I started moving around Luka too thought it was time for him to get up on the bed. 

The good and bad things about letting your dog (Assistance Dog or Not) upon your bed…

I will start with the bad. 

Dirty feet.  No matter how hard we try he has dirty feet.  Which require us to do extra washing.

Bed Hog!  100 pound Dobermans take up just as much space as I do.  Seeing as I only weigh a small amount over him…  Thank goodness for a King Size bed. 

He things he owns the bed.  Well not really, he always asks permission to get up here.. but he is getting really spoiled and now has second thoughts about having to sleep on his floor mat. 

He wears a cone to bed.  Yes a Comfey Cone.  Which prevents him from chewing on his allergy ridden feet.  If you recall he is allergic to grass, dust, foods, etc.. which makes pretty much any environment a hazard for him.  100 pound dog with an appropriate sized cone on his head.. makes an even bigger dent when it comes to bed space.

Right now I am relegated to the top 1/3 of the bed on the left 1/2.. Jason has the other full 1/2 and is hopefully sleeping peacefully. 


Ok now the good.

When Jason is gone, it is nice to have Luka up here with me.  Many times I will wake and his head will be rested on me.  I love that. 

When I am not feeling well it is magnificent to have him curled up with me.  I feel as if I am not alone.  Most of the time Jason may be gone.  However even if he is here, snuggling up with me when I am feeling crappy isn’t his strong suit, and he has tons of other things he is trying to get done… Laundry, dishes, work..

It would seem as if the bad outweighs the good.  It would seem that way in writing.  But emotionally, it is worth all of the bad to have the good. 


Growing up I would bribe my sisters to sleep in my bed with me so I wouldn’t be alone.  I don’t think they ever got much sleep as I tossed and thrashed about so badly.. But I always slept great and I never got cold.

Sometimes it is nice to not be alone.


Blessings & Sweet Dreams,

Pink Doberman

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