Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spoon-Filled Exhaustion

Do you ever wonder what you’ve done in your day that gets you so tired? 

Today I have done just that.  I woke up around eight am after having slept I’d say since midnight or so.  Which is pretty good for me.  I hadn’t heard Jason sneak out to take night pictures either.  So I was soundly sleeping.  I had taken migraine meds before sleeping as I had one.  I woke and it was gone.  Which was great as I had gotten rid of it before actually falling to sleep. 

I fiddled around on the computer, and drank my morning cleanse.  Jason went and got it for me this morning.  I noticed a bit later that my right side was flaring up.  Which is a sure sign of a migraine starting, so I once again took my meds.. Managed to stay awake long enough for Jason to leave for town to run errands.  Slept until he called me. 

It was a good thing he did call, because I had been dreaming and he was in trouble with me in the dream.  I dreamt that he had let me sleep until six that night.  I was livid.  Anyhow, this was not reality.  He called at a half past noon.  Asking if I might need anything else.  I sounded terrible I gather by the tone of his voice on the other end of the phone. 

I had to keep reminding myself that it must have been a dream in which I was so mad at him and in reality I was not.  So in other words… be very nice on the phone!  I was, I was also extremely groggy.  Now this grogginess lasted until about three that afternoon.  When I finally mustered up enough brain power to make it out of bed.  I had plans you see, and I was frustrated that I wasn’t gathered enough to make them happen. 

Sometimes in life you just need to always be aware that there is lemonade no matter how many lemons you see staring you in the face.  Today was no exception.  While I hadn’t gotten much accomplished, I did manage to fold a load of laundry, wipe out part of my shower all be it not very well, and get a surprise we’ve been working on started. 

Not to bad.  Of course now by nine this evening I was completely exhausted, I’d only been up now for six whole hours, and as I type this it has been eight.  I am drained exhausted, physically aching.  I must say that I did manage another trip out today, the trip out yesterday I am sure is the one that resulted in me getting two migraines, however the trip today I guess was enough to make me clearly wasted as well.  In addition I did also manage to get 10 minutes of bike riding done which did not happen yesterday. 

It was all fun, and all worth it.  I feel as we are accomplishing something together and I love that feeling. 

Even though it has resulted in a pretty exhausted body of mine. I guess I will just rest again until I am all caught up. 

Even though I have few spoons I feel I have used them wisely to accomplish something.  I am happy about that!  (Spoons are a term that is used for folks who have to choose what they do each day very carefully, each spoon represents an activity or action.  Some people may only have a couple of spoons available to them each day and others may have unlimited.  Those with disabilities, usually have fewer spoons and have to use them very sparingly in order to insure they can accomplish something.)

Click to ready the Original Spoon Theory Story.  It is a short great read!!

I hope you had a spoon filled day! 

Mine has been grand,

Pink Doberman

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