Monday, January 10, 2011

ViSiOn CaStiNG

You know you are doing the right thing when waves of enthusiasm sweep over you.  You stay awake at night dreaming of the possibilities the potentials and the vision you are creating for yourself.

I finally feel as if I am on the right path.  It is a path to some degree that I began 20 years ago.  I am finding myself again.  I am creating a dream for myself.  Then I will be setting some goals for myself to put into my reality.

In my case this has been difficult.  I am capable of many things.  The draw back lies in the fact that while I am capable of doing many things, I need to be able to do them in my time frame not in someone else’s.  I need to be able to take out time for what my health needs are both physically and mentally. 

I am finally working out ways of making these things happen.  I am finally seeing a light. 

I wanted to post, this since I have been so bad lately it seems all I do is write posts about how I am not posting much.  I am glad to not be posting much.  I like posting, and sharing.  I am sure I will be back to doing it more regularly once I get this all figured out, but right now most of my energy is going toward getting my vision for myself set up. 

I am not going to say more because I’d like you to enjoy the surprise I am planning.  I will post in between now and when I am ready to go. 

I am working with what I am able to do, which makes me happy.  I am finding others to help me with what I am not able to do which makes me nervous, but also happy.  Additionally I have a project that I’ve not gotten done for someone else that I need to get done. 

So I will be making a very cute set of curtains here soon.  At least that is the plan.  Still not sure when I am going to get my own curtains made.  Jason asked me that the other day.  I said I needed help getting them cut out as they are so big and slippery.  I asked if he’d be willing to help me.  He said YES.  So I may be getting that project done as well before I start on this other plan. 

Oh, I am currently glasses free.  They are helping.  I don’t know whether or not I will get a fourth set of lenses or what comes next but when I see the Dr. I will know. 

That is a whole nother set of things I have been putting off.  Dr visits.  I don’t ever want to go see another one.  But, I’ve got a mamogram, dexa scan, regular check up, another check up, eye check up, and probably something else I am not thinking of right now to get done.  I like my Dr’s don’t get me wrong.  I just would rather never see them professionally again. 

Oh, and we are starting back at the gym next week.  At least that is the plan.  Thanks to Groupon, we got a great deal for three months.  I can get back in the pool for pool therapy!  Yipee, and one of my neighbors is going to drive me!  YEA! 

We have also been scouring Craigslist.  We found a recumbent bike for $50!!  A nice one that works… the seat was a little ripped up but I patched it with my Sugru and we are now in business.  I love it.  I’ve been riding it every morning for 10 minutes and every night for 10 minutes.  It has been awesome!  Now I need to find a good treadmill for not to much money that I can use at home.  We’d gotten one in the past but it is broken and we don’t know how to fix it.  So we are searching again. 

The snow has officially arrived in Nebraska.  Piles of huge fluffy flakes have whitened up the state.  It looks beautiful I have to say.  Jason is going to have some fun with the shovel and our neighbors snow blower I think.  The birds have been flocking to my feeders like crazy.  I am loving their visits. 

Luka is doing well.  He’s been having a few issues lately with missing boots, throwing up and a little diarrhea so he hasn’t been going out with us as much.  Besides I haven’t gone anywhere by myself in ages, Jason does a good job of giving me support and so do my friends.  I just miss my independence.  Hopefully with my glasses having a better effect, and my getting stronger, I can do more on my own.  Just keeping him for places with stairs or that I know I will be getting up and down a lot.  We’ll see. 

We’ve decided I think that I won’t be venturing outside this winter on ice much at all.  Don’t need a fall to make things difficult.  So I’ll be using my disability tag in the car at the gym to get closer parking so I don’t fall, and so I can make it back to the car after exercising.   Besides the cold seems to do nasty things to me any more.  Good thing I am a former farm girl and know how to pack on the layers.  I do think a nice pair of toasty warm snow pants is in order though.  I used to have some that would probably fit me now, but I think they may be long gone.  Besides they weren’t the warm kind, just the waterproof kind. 

Might be something to think about.  I am getting goggles ordered for swimming and a swim cap too.  Hope those things will make my experience nicer in the pool. 

I am getting things set up again finally.  I am so looking forward to spring, when I am planning to get started walking outside again.  I do like having the indoor bike.  I find that many times I exercise at 11 or after midnight.  I am strange.  I know.  But it works for me, and there is no way I’d be venturing outside for a walk at those hours no matter how nice it was outside. 

Dreaming on..


Pink Doberman

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Dreaming of sunny warm weather when everything is green! 


Feisty Kitten said...

I dislike the snow. It needs to go away so I can go outside, haha.

Pink Doberman said...

I would appreciate that also!! I am no longer a snow bunny.