Monday, January 17, 2011


Well as you might imagine this post is going to be about my hips.  I am frustrated.  It used to be only the right one would get hung up.  Now the left is doing it too.  I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised, after all they both slip out. 

I haven’t figured out how to be able to wiggle them around enough to slip them back in, everything I do has caused more pain or been ineffectual.  I did have a Physical Therapist who had gotten the hang of it on my right hip.  It wasn’t an easy thing or a pretty one but it worked.

After DaaaaYS of it being off, last night my left hip finally had a nearly drop me to the floor while I was getting off of the bike recovery moment.  I’ve been trying to peddle anyway, some days I could only get a few minutes in others I might make it to five or to 10 minutes which is my goal.  Last night I made it five minutes before deciding the pain had grown to fast and I needed to stop.  In lifting my right leg up over the bar of my recumbent bike and while letting it down on the other side as I was getting ready to stand, well, my whole pelvic region did this crunching popping twisting… which resulted I believe in my left hip being properly seated.  However the pain this caused was intense and I felt very unstable.  

Of course Luka hearing my discomfort screaming ( softly as I could, as Jason was sleeping already ) ran to the other room to insure that what ever had happened to me wasn’t going to happen to him… Chicken..

He did come back after I called for him, Jason never once waking up.  Ha!  My man was beat.  Luka helped me back to bed and then Jason woke up.  My very gracious man settled Luka in and then dozed off immediately. 

My hip is still sore.  It is angry and I think I need to tie my knees together to insure that my hips don’t splay to much today.  Which to me is not at all a fun thought.  It might just be the less painful way to make it through the day though.  It is going to be considered. 

Instead I am wearing my very tight jeans in hopes that they will keep my hips securely locked into place so they can stop yelling at me for my lack of strength and tightness. 

Ha Ha!!  I guess you could call me loose.  =) Which is certainly funny. 

Please note:  I inherited my mother’s horrible sense of humor.  I try to control it.  As most things I think should be funny usually turn out to piss someone off or hurt some one’s feelings.

Additional Note:  Perhaps more importantly.  I am a drama queen.  Yes.  I know the truth hurts.  DQ is really all about being me, and getting what I want, so stay out of my way people. 

…. Just kidding.  I am a Drama Queen, but please don’t stay out of my way.  I like to have people around so they can get mixed up in my drama. 

I am going to get back on the “horse” again today, and give myself some more exercise.  Not quite ready to do that at this moment but I will before I go to bed.  I had been trying to get 2 ten minute biking sessions in.  I am now down to one and if I can manage it I will be thrilled to do two. 

Life is funny.  So am I but if I start getting funny you’d better run.  I may have permanently damaged you in some way.  Really the truth?  I am just a big dork that is having difficulty amusing herself at the moment. 

Oh the joys of being alone in the house to long.  I might be going mad.  We’ll I am not mad have you looked outside lately.  I would really like to go somewhere, but it will be days before that happens.  And it is cold out there and I AM warm in here.  So I will just continue amusing myself at your expense.  That is if you are still bored enough to be reading this.



I was tired, I slept for nearly 3 hours shortly after writing the above message.  I think I might have been loosing my mind..  Oh the joys!

Anyhow now that I am feeling much better, I am going to try and get a few things done around here..  I am drinking my shake for lunch it is past two but that counts I think. 

Well I’m having a good day and am looking forward to my bike ride later. 


Pink Doberman



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