Friday, January 14, 2011


Glasses are back on.  I have not been back to the Dr.  But I was feeling foggier and a mess again… Glasses back on today.. much better day.  Happy about that. 

I do have an appointment, but it isn’t for a while. 

Other things are going well which is nice.  My internet service has been fixed.  No more getting kicked off every 5-10 minutes!! Woo HOo!!!

Luka well, his feet are still messed up from a couple of weeks ago.  He lost a bootie and we put a small booty on him, it messed up two different feet.  So he is back to being an unhappy cone head.  =(.  Means we really can’t go out together, as his feet are messed up.  And he is sneaky, if you take his cone off the next thing you know he’s chewed on his feet again.  So.. Cone on.  Full time for the next however long until his skin is healed. 

I did get more Muttluks ordered.  I got four more pairs, as the last batch of them that he is wearing now, has already gotten holes worn in them.  FRUSTRATING!!  I am going to try adding Sugru to the bottom of one of the pairs.  I can have hope I guess.  The Sugru has worked on the chair for my new to me recumbent bike.  I should really take a picture. 

Speaking of Sugu.. I used it to mount hanging devices on some Christmas presents we gave out.  I think it worked like a charm…

Luka is lying her right now moaning.. so hard, I can’t really go itch what he want’s itched, I don’t want to break it open again.  =(  Heartbreaking..

He does have a guest right now.  Our dog sitting guest is back.  She’s doing great!  they play a little but mostly she just follows someone around… whomever is moving, she is hot on their heels.  Drives Jason a little batty, but hey.  It is all good!  He loves giving her attention too.

Oh, and the migraine I had last night I got rid of before I woke.  This is the SECOND time that this has worked.  Usually the meds don’t work for me overnight.  I tried a new combination.  LOVE this!  Fingers crossed that it continues to do the trick!!  WooT Woo!!

I am enjoying my new to me computer and my good internet.  NICE!! 

Hope you are having a good day too!!

Pink Doberman


gemwood said...

Glad to hear you having a good day and enjoying your new (to you) things! I love that, it is so nice to see people enjoy their blessings!

Pink Doberman said...

Thank You Thank You, inevitably there is always something to enjoy, some days it may require more looking than others but it is always possible!! Hugs to you girl!