Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ArT GaLLeRY, aNd LiFe

Things have been going quite well.  We had an Artists Reception for some of the pictures we've created.  Jason worked that day so the gal that helps across the street was gracious and helped that day! 

We served cake balls on sticks and marshmallows on sticks and strawberries all covered in white or dark chocolate.  It was fantastic!  Jason and I worked together on the things as long as we could and then the gal from across the street really picked up the slack and finished things out.  I was getting my but kicked by the frosting... Oh yeah, and we also had little spice cupcakes with buttermilk frosting. 

Our art was selected to hang at a new gallery, we are in the second round of artists.  Which is just fabulous!  Jason and I hung it last month.  We will be featured in this weeks local paper, as we were interviewed a couple weeks ago.  Time has gone by so fast.  We've been busy working at so many things. 

The evening of the event went quite well, lots of people came, looked and hung out.  I am sure they all left a few pounds heavier as well.  I had lots of fun, Luka led me around and we took pictures and even made a video of the event.  Which was pretty cool...

It was so great to talk to everyone, I am always in such a daze in settings like this.  I feel so scattered, and I am not really able to give anyone any sort of attention.  But, I hope at least that I managed to tell everyone hello, and thank you for coming. 

It sure meant a lot to have such a good showing of people that we knew.  We even had some folks that we didn't know attend. 

A beautiful harpist played beautiful harp music... and the gallery where which hosted the event served their wine. 

We are excited.  Our art will hang until the end of July. 

I have worked at things when I could in between resting.  I haven't really done much around the house otherwise but Jason has.  He's been really great, he even hand made the frames for our pictures. 

I've been resting and icing my body this whole week now.  I've got one and a half more days to do this before we do another shoot.  I am excited about it as well.  We've got lots of fun things planned and I am working hard to take care of myself so I can keep up. 

A little dab will do ya!  While I am icing my neck I will be keeping my fingers busy.  I am hoping to get an appointment to get silver thumb splints to keep my thumbs from causing me issues.  I just have to find someone familiar with the technology so they can properly fit me for them.  Hopefully my insurance will cover them. 

On to other good news, Jason fixed my scooter!!  We thought it was going to be $200 to fix it.  So I'd decided that was to much to spend on it, I was starting to look for another one.  But... Jason went to a battery store and found the parts to fix it on clearance and he got an additional discount on top of it so it only ended up costing $70.  If I am able to get the thumb splints, then I should have no difficulties riding it for a bit.  =D  So I will be tackling that next!  Oh and Jason took apart the whole thing and reassembled the power supply so it will now charge its self with a proper plug in! 

The bad news... Luka is really starting to slow down, I am hoping that it is just because he is overweight and out of shape from the winter.  We will go for a run in the scooter tomorrow in between my icing myself so he can get moving some more.  At the gallery in between leading me around, he would plop down and rest.  So, I am hoping he can pick up some more energy here soon, otherwise he may just have to be used for really short trips or completely retired.  Which will leave me not able to go out again on my own.  Which is not a fun thought.

So.... not sure what to do about this.  Raising the money for a new helping dog is stressing me out.

But for right now I will just hope that he needs to get in better shape and see how this goes.  He has managed to gain 20 pounds.  =(... so he is now also on a diet. 

Let's just focus on taking pictures.  Maybe if we get enough clients and enough picture orders I won't have to fund raise and I can just earn my next dog.  Fingers crossed.

Blessings and much grateful appreciation to everyone who came to our debut and those who will be passing through.  Prayers also going out to those effected by the storms and tornadoes. 

Pink Doberman

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