Thursday, May 5, 2011

Celiac - Ehlers Danlos - Service / Assistance Dog - CreativeLIVE

Well, I've been wondering about what to write about.  I've several things on my mind. 

First of all I'd like to say that it is National Ehlers Danlos Awareness Month (EDS).   I have EDS.  On it's own with out my accident I would probably be able to hold down a job combined with the accident and another issue which I will get to in a moment...well lets just say I am doing the best I can.  Some of the other folks with EDS are not so lucky.  Take a moment to learn more about EDS

Secondly I would like to say that it is National Celiac Awareness Month.  Did you know that they say one out of every 10 people has a Gluten Reaction and that one out of every 133 is Celiac?  Here are SOME of the symptoms folks with Celiac's experience.  

Did you know that right now there is PENDING legislation.. Pending since 2008 that would require clear labeling of Gluten Free Foods so that those with Celiac's and those who have an allergy are not made ill?  Learn more here. 

This is a place that you can go to sign the petition asking for proper labeling.  They already do it for peanuts and other food issues. 

Here are the links I am currently checking out. 

Huffington Post about the need for proper food labels

I've been wondering about Genetically Modified foods... I read this link from the Institute for Responsible Technology

Tips for avoiding Genetically Modified foods.. Link  Non GMO Food Guide

Celiac Disease Symptoms  From the Celiac Disease Foundation

National Digestive Diseases Clearinghouse NDDIC More information.. 

Disabled Officer fights for equal access... Fort Worth

Costly Mistake Portland Press Herald

And my Favorite Learning Place!  Where I can learn no matter how much I earn.  Because it is free when you watch it LIVE!  Up next week... I will be learning how to photograph food!  CreativeLIVE is a CreativeSPOONIE's Opportunity!

Lots on my mind... 

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