Thursday, February 25, 2010

pAiN pAsT pAiN pReSeNt... PrAyErS

Before I get started into my post, I want you to be sure to check out the right side of my blog.  I have moved some things around, and added quite allot as well.  I haven't done the advertising thing.  I probably should that might help us out but I really have a hard time with all of the commercialism.  So at this point at least I am opting to keep all of that extra type of stuff off of here.  It is harder to say no to this as I just watched a friend post about her new appliance that her advertising money paid for.  So enjoy reading.  Hugs!

It has been a pretty rough week for this girl and her dog.  Things are moving forward for that I am grateful.  With each step forward seems to cause me a great deal of pain, emotional and physical.  One day at a time I guess is all that you can do.

Last night the stress of it all really came to a boiling point.  I am really going to have to watch what I do.  I have started a couple of processes that are not yet finished.  Things I need to do, for myself, but mostly for others whom I care a great deal about. 

I hope my body can physically make it through and that my psyche can hold it together also.  One day at a time.  I keep repeating that God doesn't give you more than you can handle.  Sometimes I wish God would give it to someone else to handle.  The emotional and physical pain last night was almost unbearable.  If Jason hadn't been here, I really don't know what I would have done. 

I was back in the recliner, and he slept on the couch beside me.  Horrible night for sure.  He even ran out in the middle of the night to get medication for me.  Bless his heart!

I am doing everything I can.  I really have to keep my mind focused on the future and the present.  The night terrors are back.  I have been struggling with this again since a very painful episode earlier.  I just hope I can keep it from becoming a regular occurrence again. 

Sleep is something I am dreading for sure. 

Luka has been struggling a bit as well.  His allergies really flared up in December.  He is healing now, while it is hard for him to leave his boo boo's alone, he is really trying hard!  I am so proud of him.  He is able to go out with me some now again without problems.  While he is not yet perfect, he is so so much better. 

We've been keeping each other company this week while we are both trying to avoid aggravating our problems. 

Things are moving along on LB858  I am quite passionate about it.  However a couple of Senators on the list of the previous post are not on board with the proposed legislation.  Grrr...  Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions.  I just really wish they could come hang out with me for a while.  They might get a different perspective of how important this legislation is to people like me. 

I have to say, being outspoken on this issue freaks me out, I am sure that is adding to the stress.  But if I don't who will?  This is what has been asked of me, I will do my best with sharing my perspective.  Besides Federal Law is totally on our side.   Learn more here!   It would just be so much better for everyone if the State of Nebraska would catch up! 

Well there is definitely more to come on this issue!  I am not going to share just yet but Thank God for people who really care!  Who are taking the time to do something about it and say something about it!  I have really been quite impressed by the integrity of Senator Kate Sullivan as well.  Her assistant Mikki M. is amazing as well!  I love their passion, and determination without persistent people like this there would be no hope for people like me. 

I've got lots more I could say, I just can't bring myself to go there right now.  I will be praying for a good night of happy sleep tomorrow is a big day!  

I want to give a shout out to my friends the B's the F's for a much needed break from reality.  Scott and Stephanie for persistence and hope!  I am terrified about tomorrow, as well as excited.  I really need to have a good night of sleep to make it through.  Pray that it is possible for me.  Luka's going to need his rest too. 

Big blessings to my friends R&K who are going through quite allot right now.  And a whole bunch of others who I am not mentioning but I have in my thoughts and prayers. 

I really did enjoy watching the woman's figure skating tonight!  What strong and beautiful women this world has in it!  They were each  to behold tonight!

Please keep us all in your prayers as well,

Pink Doberman

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