Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Things aren't always what they seem.  Life is what you make of it when what you think is isn't.  =). 

Nothing in life is permanent.  It is all temporary, your youth is temporary, your future is temporary, your past is gone. 

You can't rely on people, 1/2 the information they have is incorrect, but they think it is correct.  That is what I have deduced from my own experiences.  The more I think I know the less I really do. 

I feel good some days but that is temporary,  other days I feel bad, that to is temporary.  I like change, I really do, but it is nice in my life to also have some consistency.  Even if that is also temporary, I realize this as well.

You really can find comfort in the small stuff.  The sun rising and setting, even though these days you might not know it with all of the intense cloud cover. 

Today has gone well, I was up and around most of the day, that felt good!  I was able to clean up a pile of shoes that I will be finding new homes for.  I actually have a pile of things to take down to the ReFind Shop. 

I have yet to decide if this venture is really worth it.  This winter has slowed the store down, no one goes walking downtown these days to shop.  Hopefully soon the folks will pop in for a visit and take some of my clothes home!

My day also held a fun opportunity.  We've got another dog that needs to find a home.  This one is a bit different.  Let's just say he's a lover not a fighter.  He isn't what he seems either.  It has it's good and bad sides as well. 

I may share more about him in the future.  I am hoping though that the person we've shown him too may want to take him home.  That would be pretty cool.  Of course they might not be a good fit.  So we'll just have to wait and see.  At any rate you will get to see pictures of our beautiful guy, Jason has promised to take pictures! 

Speaking of pictures Jason is going to be taking pictures at a wedding!  That is going to be fun!  I used to do lots of weddings, help the photographers, and brides!  But that was years ago.  This will be even more fun this time around, I can do what I am able, and watch Jason work his magic. 

Please keep in mind that Jason will not be becoming a "wedding photographer".  But for some special occasions he will accept offers to do large occasions. 

We have one coming up here soon as well.  I can't talk about it as it is top secret!  And I am not going to be the one that spills the news!  Uh uH.  But that will be fun for sure as well!  Jason is going to take pictures at that event as well! 

He has really been having some fun!  He really likes to take out door pictures too..  I think he likes just about everything to do with taking pictures of people and things.  Besides he is good at it, and getting better.

This is a picture he took before the weather got bad.  I really like it. 

We really like this place. 

This is something that changes, but it doesn't.  I like that. 

Well, my body is starting to feel a bit better.  As usual I over did it today.  Hah!  At least I did something!  I do feel good about that!  I even sorted a small pile of papers.  I know how I love doing that!  Hee Hee!

Well, life is in the small stuff.  I am sure that the sun will be coming back up tomorrow. 

I believe at least for now I will look forward to that!

Pink Doberman

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