Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SiMpLe BuT GoOd

Yes it has been forever since I have written again.  I’ve tried.  It isn’t that I haven’t thought about it or haven’t started writing several things. 

Nothing seemed to work, nothing was able to be finished.  Just blurbs of bits. 

I was reminded again that I should write.  My husband doesn’t know if he is still married to me or not.  He was joking of course.  But this is where he goes to find out what is going on in my mind.  I told him we could talk… he wasn’t that keen on that idea. 

Which isn’t to surprising.. I don’t seem to be able to keep my mind tracking on the same subject when I speak.  I think I do fairly well when I write, but I still jump from subject to subject, leave things out, or forget to follow up with a subject I have started but then I think I did..

The new lenses:  I have been acclimating to them.  I can walk better than when I first got them.  Things are getting better I think, although it still feels as if my thinking processes are all jacked up.  I still get tired way to fast.  I hope that can be helped.

I have been working on several developing projects.  That has been keeping me busy, and I am learning more as I go along as well!  I like that.  I like to feel productive and that I am learning new things. 

I’ve been “gifting” Jason with things this month as well.  It has been fun.  He’s gotten snow boots, socks, and a couple of shirts.  He got me a computer.  It doesn’t really compare.  I just got it today, I am downloading and backing up files as I type on this soon to be his computer.  So I guess the good thing is that with his gift he has allowed me to gift my computer to him.   Or at least it will when I get this thing all cleaned off.  Right now it has a very full hard drive.  Like so full that it shuts its self down and asks me to remove programs..  I can still do things on it, except after nearly every session I need to wipe it from the little temporary files.  Guess I am a little hard on these things. 

At any rate, things should soon be moving along much faster for me.  I am grateful for that.  Excited even.  Both for my fingertips and hopefully my mind as well. 

I’ve been home most days the weather outside gives me fits, I get all stiff achy and exhausted.  Not to mention I can’t get myself warm once I get cold..  Not a good thing.  I kind of figured I might be like this so I’ve got piles of things to do to keep busy.  I hate being bored. 

We have been getting piles of cards.  We made cards this year to send out.  The first time in YEARS!!  It felt good.  We both worked on the project which made it go so much better.  I have a hard time doing some of those things on my own.  I often get to tired to finish physical projects by the deadlines with out wrecking myself at least. 

The cards we have been receiving are properly displayed the letters and notes are wonderful to read, and the pictures!  Well the pictures are amazing!  We love them.  We’ll display everyone’s pictures all year long!  Which is pretty fun for us! 

Well at any rate, it isn’t much but it is what has been going on.  Life is good.  Simple but good. 

Hope yours is also. 

Blessings for this busy season.

Pink Doberman

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