Friday, February 6, 2009

PaNtinE i LoVe It!

Ok, so soft hair, well in the whole scheme of things it really doesn't matter I am sure. At least not a great amount. But for me lately it does, it may sound funny but I have been struggling with hair products for sometime now. I know, I know, another vain thing I have to talk about. Aside from almost just whacking all of my hair off to some short style or keeping it in a pony tail constantly I was struggling with what to do. The conditioner that I had been using the company stopped making it. It really did make all the difference. I am blonde you see, and with out the right hair products, my hair can really cause me problems.

My hair has always tangled easily, really easily, I do have very long hair now, for the simple fact that going to the salon since the accident has caused me a great deal of pain to have them messing with my head, I really felt bad after having gone to the stylist. I would be in bed for days, so I just stopped going. I used to go to the salon all the time, my hair styles changed it seemed with the days of the week.

I had had long hair before we got married, in fact Jason did too, (hee hee) I enjoyed having different styles. Jason used to have to brush it out every day, I couldn't hold my arms up to do it after the accident, I couldn't blow dry it on my own or fix it. FRUSTRATING! It's gotten better, for the most part, I still have a hard time doing it but it is so much easier.

So all this time I've been trying to find products that make my hair look nice all day long, I used to get my hair colored and highlighted it gave it that extra glow or a change. Now, that would mean a trip to the salon, or holding my arms up that much longer, not my idea of a good time. So, I have gone back to being ny natural self, not that there is anything at all wrong with that, I just have hair that when you don't use the "Perfect" products on it it looks like I haven't washed it in days. ICKY!

So, I have gotten by, there are lots of things out there I have tried, and I've been happy not extatic about them but happy. I had finally found a conditioner that didn't freak out my hair but evidently I was the only one in the USA that felt that way, because the company no longer makes it. So I had asked Jason to take me shopping to Alco while we were on our regular trip out to our friends home. I was hoping to find something inexpensive to tide me over, I had forgotten my hair products at home, and was having really bad hair. If we had to go find something in a salon I would but, I sure didn't want to spend more money on expensive things that won't work as good as I hoped. So, I followed those commercials on TV, the ones with all of the beautiful girls who have the beautiful long hair and bought Pantene. I got the conditioner, the shampoo, and I also got some Suave stuff that stops the frizz! The combination is PERFECT! My hair not only looks good it FEELS GOOD! Woo Hoo!!!!

I am so happy!

It is amazing what the right hair products can do for a gal!

So I haven't written in a while, not because things haven't been going well or that they have been going so well that I haven't had time... I broke our teenage friend's computer while trying to update it. Well, broke may be the wrong word, but it is all gummed up and not cooperating that is for sure. We've taken it in to Best Buy spent about $80 for them to do nothing to fix it but to tell us that we need to completely reload everything! $80 I think we got ripped off, oooh, I forgot, they gave us this FANCY folder with "The Geek Squad" written all over it. So two days and $80 later? Nothing fixed and my guilt leval is rising rappidly.

My massage therapist recommended a friend that had helped him with his computer and he was very pleased. So we are trying him too. So far so good, we will pick up the computer on Saturday. It is running now, the guilt is dissipating.


Making me CRAZY! So thankfully Jason's computer has been holding out, as slow as it is it works! Woo Hoo! I wish I knew more about this computer stuff, I am self taught, I am learning more but I am sure not learning it fast enough.

As far as the new medication I've been trying, things as far as I can tell are going well. I definately have an easier time thinking, it makes it easier for me to be a better wife, friend, and person in general. I am not nearly as foggy! It almost seems as if this medication is helping my body pump more blood to my brain... and my hands and feet. My hands and feet are not nearly as cold, as they have been, they still do get cold, but not nearly so, and sometimes they are even warm. I have more energy, not huge amounts of it, but I just feel better, and I think some of the best news besides the foggie's being gone, is the fact that I haven't been dizzy at all! I am amazed, in fact I find myself reaching to steady myself all the time, after four plus years of a constant woozy feeling to a down right spinning sensation at moments, this new clarity is taking some time to get used to.

I am not pushing myself to any great limits, but I am doing as much as I can in regular amounts of action. I am still getting tired. But not quite as fast as before. Today I took a nap in the afternoon, and I feel great this evening, I am waking up in the morning fairly early taking the pill, and then I've been having a good time getting going with things, much easier than before. I could never seem to wake up.

So all in all, I think the medication is doing exactly what the Dr. hoped it would do! I at least hope so because I am feeling so much better. Wish the Dr. would figure out what would make the pain go away.

My migraines are still here, I still get wobbly when I get them, and my vision and all of that are still the same. I had really hoped that they would go away too, or at least be diminished, but that seems to not be the case.

Today was good, our teenage friend has had some changes this week (for the better we hope). She has started going to school only one hour a day, which is all that she needs to finish high school with. She has been doing well with that shift and she is gone for the weekend with her friends. There is more to the story than this of curse but since it is not about me I am choosing not to write about it here. We'll see how it goes, we sure hope it helps her stay on track and maybe get some things working out for her for the better.

Since I last wrote, my Mary Kay business has been doing well, I have had quite a few client's ordering! What a blessing that has been, I even got some new clients! This makes me feel so good. I love playing with makeup, and helping women choose things that make them feel better. When I look better, I sure feel better, I think the majority of people feel that way. I sure had fun! I think they did too!

I was also able to get some cleaning done in our home today, that felt fabulous! I love it when everything is clean and organized, while everything isn't done, it sure is better than it was. I am happy about that!

I even had some friends stop by today, they brought me suchi! I LOVE SUCHI!! I loved the visit! It was so great to have them stop by! What a gift!

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