Sunday, February 22, 2009

SuRpRisEs & SuNsHiNe!

Waking up today was a pleasant experience. My awesome guy, had a perfect egg, cheese, and canadian bacon slice inside of a hot and toasty english muffin on a tiny little plate in his hand this morning when he woke me up. He had just gotten home from work, and made this lovely creation. This is the second time this week he did this for me, the last time was exactly a week ago, last Sunday, Febuary 15th the day after I spent the night in the ER.

Kudo's to Jason for starting this Sunday off on a perfect note. I am doing lots better, I am now able to walk on my own, exept for when I get tired or the pain gets to great. I have been trying not to take the pain meds, as the more I take of them the worse my tummy feels. And as bad as the pain is the nausea and stomach cramping can make it all so much worse.

I am very happy the past two days I have gotten out of the house, Friday was therapy and Dr. visit day, that went pretty well. Thank You God for my awesome massage therapist! He made some of the swelling in my back and neck dissipate! Then it was off to see my pain management Dr. since all of the scan's, x-rays, and mri's showed no additional damage, I just have more soft tissue damage to deal with. For me this stuff takes forever to get under control.

The Dr's visit took forever... he was unusually behind that day, we waited for two hours to be seen and then he spent the shortest amount of time he ever had with me, as there were some patients who were in worse shape, and who were making much more noise than I was. He covered the bases, with my refil's and he moved on to the next person.

I had hoped that he would suggest to make another trip to see the Dr. who does the injections in my neck, but after the massage therapist and only a week of misery, I didn't push the issue. He was sending me back to Physical Therapy so hopefully that would do the trick!

Yesterday, my teenage friend and I went to see her grandparents, she hadn't seen them since she moved in with us except at Christmas. They had found out she was no longer living at home and realized that they hadn't been in touch with her much. It was a nice visit, I was feeling rough, but wanted to be there to support her. I took a pain pill before we left and another after we got there, she helped me get in the house and in leaving the med's were working and all she did was hold my hand as she helped me back to the car.

The drive was great, they don't live that far away but just getting out of my house and heading a different direction than normal was just fabulous! Since she has been so busy with her life, we hadn't had much time to get caught up, so the drive was nice. She is doing better and better, Jason and I are excited that she is starting to have the desire to focus on some things that are going to benefit her in the future, and we really can't wait to see her make some of her goals a reality!

We are going to be working on getting her graduation announcements done, and mailed in the next few weeks. She is getting exicted. She is also looking for a new job, I think she will even be doing some volunteer work in the meantime. How great is that! She might even have the time to drive me around a bit more so I can get some things done while Jason is busy with other things! Woo Hoo, I just need to keep getting stronger so I can start going out and doing errands again!

So, today, is another day in bed I fear, I've been icing my back and neck all night and this morning the main pain in my neck hasn't subsided, so I will be trying to pitter around the house some, and rest some, and if my luck holds out I just may get a walk around the block in! More would be great, but I will be thrilled to feel good enough to even be on the couch instead of my bed!

I haven't been having many migraines lately, which is so frustrating, as the weather hasn't been doing much fluctuating, and hope my body aches will heal enough before the spring rains start that I can have several more feeling good days. I really think a move to Arizona or New Mexico or South Texas would be a great idea! Jason is even warming up to the idea, who know's what we would do, but since traveling to Brazil I really could live well with out going through these cold winters, and Jason sure hates seeing me suffer, so he is up for a change as well. Now, if only he could find a Lateral Transfer Position!

So, Luka has been getting a little antsy, my service dog, who has been cooped up with me this whole time. I am hoping that Jason and our teen age friend and her boyfriend, will take him out for a good healthy walk this afternoon. I haven't been using him, I am too weak to hang on to him, and since he is a hundred pounds I don't need a cat to walk around the corner and freak him out! He's doing so much better, but I still need some muscles to be stronger before he and I will be safe together.

He has been great around the house with me though, he loves lying in bed with me when I don't feel well, and he is always near just in case I would need to lean on him for support. When I get on the floor he will come over and let me climb on him to get back up, and since I learned that he knows more helpful tricks, I will be working on those with him when I am stronger.

Jason's folks surprised us with a visit this week, they were up and out with some Dr. visits of their own, and had enough time to swing by! How cool was that! We sure don't get to see them enough as we would like. I wasn't exactly up ad at'em the day they came, I was still only able to be comfortable laying flat on my back, but with a little extra medication, I was able to sit up in the living room with them for a bit. I don't think I added much to the conversation, but I do remember that I enjoyed listening to them talk and getting caught up with what's going on with everyone else. When they left he shared that they had left some of his dad's BBQ pork, Jason raves about this each time he has it and it is a meal that I like too, it really can fill me up fast! Jason was stoked, he really enjoyed the visit, and it gave him a bright spot to his crummy week! One of his brothers even called him later that day! It was awesome! I love seeing him happy!

The great thing is, that I have had some Mary Kay orders, I might even have a new MK client! Jason has been great about getting those things packed up and delivered! Thanks Susan, Joyce, Kara, Susan, Jill, Pat, I think there were even a few more of you too!

I got a quick visit this week from my friend Jen, who I was able to give her some things I had for her, and she brought the most wonderful gift over for us! A cooler of treats! Jason this past week was Jason's vacation from work, and who wants to spend their vacation getting hit in a car wreck and then caring for and watching your wife suffer with more pain. This wrecked his time off. So when she came with her cooler of goodies, it was both a blessing and a surprise! It had Jason running around the house excitedly showing me the bag of M&M's the grilling supplies, the ruben materials, and more! The one thing he forgot to share with me was the homade brownie's that she had brought, thankfully she told me about those before she left... Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky Jason!!!

I've decided to give up on most of my shopping in stores, I will miss that so much! I love looking and touching all of the things I am interested in. Well, I used to love it. It mostly overwhelms me and wears me out now. I will have to do it for some clothing items and things that I am not so sure about, but for the most part I have decided to bite the bullet and shop online. I think it will be much better for me, I won't feel as tired, and I can then have more time to spend with people instead of wasting my energy on searching for things in stores! So if anyone has any favorite online shopping sites, PLEASE share them with me!

Jason shared this morning that the weather this next week would be getting nicer again! Wow, I can't wait, the last nice day we had I spent the afternoon in the back yard in a chair just soaking in the sun! Ozzie our foxhound, Shelby our newly rehomed foster dog, and Luka my service dog, got to hang out and enjoy the sun with me! It was grand!

I am sure looking forward to that again soon! I always feel better after having a little sunshine! I sure hope that where ever you are when you are reading this that you are able to get yourself a little sunshine too!!

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