Thursday, May 28, 2009


It only takes a moment, a thought, a situation, an error, a success, a lifetime... to change your perception of a situation. Everyone deals with things differently. What may make one person happy, will make another angry or sad. You never know what will set a person off, how could you? Each person has had a different past or been involved in different situations. Even if you've had the same experiences as another person, your reaction to the same situation could easily be different, VERY different.

Everyone struggles, I am no exception. Different things hurt me, annoy me, stop me, excite me, bring joy to me than they would to someone else. We all like different types of ice cream, different breeds of dogs, we enjoy wearing different styles of clothing, as well as working and doing different kinds of things. We are all unique.

I am amazed, at how difficult it can be to see someone elses point of view. I do try to. I have my doubts that others try to. Ok, I don't always try, but I do much of the time. Even if I find that I could never understand or agree. I am always open to agree to disagree. I wish more people were. It seems in this day and age, teens want to be adults, adults want to be teens, both want no responsibility and both want all of the perks. I remember as a child I always wanted what I couldn't have. Even if it was painful. I thought that braces looked great on my friends, so I wanted braces. I thought that it was neat that others wore glasses, had freckles, and had barbie doll houses. Needless to say, I never did get everything that I wanted.

Sometimes it doesn't matter how bad you want something, other times it does. It depends what initative you are willing to take. In any given situation. People wonder why the are not able to get a promotion, why their life stinks, why they don't like their job, why everyone else gets all of the breaks. Put your self in other's situation. Problems solve. And do the and then some.

Are people being taught to take initatiave? A recient trip to a hotel would suggest not. The hotel which specialized in serving specially cooked breakfasts for their guest ran out of eggs, and milk far before the breakfast was to attend. They then began to fill the dry cereal bins and more... They shared with the guests coming for breakfast that pancakes were their only option. However there was a grocery just a few blocks away, a convenience store closer, and in the same building but on a different floor, a coffee bar... Which carried plenty of milk on hand. Can people think out of the box?

In my mind things don't always work as you expect. Lemonade! What you weren't expecting may just turn out to be the mot amazing thing. Grab it accept it and make the best of it. I am not saying it will be easy, I am not saying that you won't have to do the and then some. I know that what you wanted in your heart will never go away. But maybe at the end of your life you will find that all of the unexpected, unplanned, and plain unhappy, made you a better, stronger, and wiser person.

You never know what you have coming. When the bad happens, do your best to squeeze out the sour, and go out and find the sugar to add to your lemons.

I am blessed. Even with all of the bad. I am loved. That is enough for me.

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