Saturday, November 14, 2009

oK … yOu!

I am ok, you, get with the program!  This is something in one way or another I keep on telling myself.  Get on track stay on track, get it done, work on it now, so you’re not late!  Sometimes I am late anyway.

But this week, most of it which I can’t remember right now, I worked on setting myself up to be successful.

I plan for everything now.  It all takes extra time and effort.  It is worth it.

I am getting faster at things!  Which is a relief all unto its own. 

Oh, yea!  I had Physical Therapy this week!  My body finally got the latest exercise right!  I think 1/2 of my problem is that I don’t know how to control my muscles anymore, which should do what and which should do the other.  It isn’t something that just works for me.  I find I do things like walking one way, but that way causes pain… the right way well I haven’t completely got that one figured out, but the right way shouldn’t cause pain.  But I guess this is what all of these years in bed has done to me. 

So at therapy, my body got moving my legs right!  In one area!  Oh my it made such a difference!  I am looking forward to repeating it, I felt a significant difference after my work.  Not perfect but WOW!  BETTER!  Better is better!  I will definitely take better!

It has been a great week!  I was even able to host a party!  We had about 1/2 of the folks attend who RSVP’d which turned out just great!  It was so much fun to have people in my space.  I am not miss social like I was, but wow, I had a great time.  I missed having the energy to sit and talk with each person.  I did manage to get a welcome and a thanks for coming to most everyone though, I was able to participate, and keep things like food doing well.  Jason was the real host!  Quite the switch!  Not that he’s not been capable of that but I’d always taken the lead before.  He even went so far as to walk most everyone out! 

He cleaned like a maniac all day and even worked on it prior to that day as well.  Taking me grocery shopping and patiently waiting while I did all that I could do and then he’d finish up the rest.  He’s just been so great!  THANKS BUNCHES BABE!

Now today, I slept almost all of it or hopped on the computer, then slept, watched a football game, and slept through it a bit too.  I got up about 6 or so fed the boys, they’d been so good sleeping with me!  I’d been in quite allot of pain and could hardly move, I managed to get rid of the migraine I had, the clue I couldn’t see when I woke up was a definite give away today!  I had thought I might need a little rest after my busy day yesterday, I think tomorrow will be better, but wow, writing this I am so tired again as well.  It was so worth it!  I miss seeing people, I miss entertaining! 

I used to do a party every week!  I was never the best party thrower, but I had a great time, and so did the MK gals that came!  While last night wasn’t a MK party, it was just something for our friends.  It was wonderful.  I do one tomorrow again if I could, but I don’t think my body will be thinking the same thing.  Maybe soon! 

Jason even had a great time, I think he was initially mad at me for inviting people over.  He hates that our house isn’t perfect, that we have so many issues that need fixed.  He doesn’t feel good about sharing our unfinished home with others.  He is a perfectionist.  The fact that we don’t have a “REAL” floor covering in his mind, or that people have to enter our home through the garage because we have no front steps…

My take on it is exactly the opposite.  We live where we live if they don’t like it they don’t have to come over!  We are not where we live!  I won’t apologize for something I can’t do anything about!  When I can’ do something about it I will, but I am not letting that stop me from having people in our lives and in our home. 

He had fun!  He really did!  He did the best job ever!  It was wonderful to see him so happy!  I know that he made others feel great also!  We are going to do it again!  It won’t be for a little while, we deserve it and so do our friends!  A little fun with friends makes the bad stuff disappear!  He may even end up loving his new role as host!

My life is getting better and better!

Blessings and grateful thoughts!  I am going to take another Apple Cider Vinegar bath now and go back to sleep, the few hours I’ve been up have made me exhausted again.  And I’ve got party to clean up for tomorrow!  Yes it can wait yet another day!  HUGS!

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