Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PeRsPeCtiVe & KeEpiN On

I read a post in a group today.  It was about people who’ve lost abilities in their lives causing them to have disabilities. I am no stranger to loosing things, having been a regular looser of car keys, favorite lipsticks, and more..

But loosing a freedom once experienced and taken for granted often results in periods of self pity, depression, anger, acceptance and more.  Usually a person may go through these things more than one time for an ability having been lost.  Thus causing yet a longer period of transition.

Couples can both morn these losses as well.  Not only is the person injured or effected, but so are the people around them.  It is a transition and a period of loss for all involved. 

Many times these feelings can be stuffed, depending on the amount of medical transition, intervention, or treatment. 

Well, this blog helps me deal with mine.  I still haven’t given up, I am still mad about my lost life, but I am moving on.  I wish I knew how long it would take. 

I have friends who were born with disabilities.   I know that they also go through the same types of feelings.  It isn’t easy watching the world float by or seemingly so. 

I don’t know why but it really helped me out to read that.  I mean I knew that stuff, but when you are going through it you some how loose it.  Perspective!

So, that being said and perspective being gained at least for the moment.  I will keep plugging away! SMILE!


So tomorrow I get to look forward to spending the entire day in the dental chair!  Yes, I am not kidding, the ENTIRE day.  I may not feel much like talking afterwards.  I don’t use dental anesthetic.  I hate those shots!  They hurt so much worse than the actual dental work in most cases.  Now the root canal I just had done ranked right up there with the shots but the pain was intermittent and it went away fast enough so I was glad I had stuck to my guns and much to the dismay of my dental students who work on me gutted it out. 

Tomorrow will be no exception.  I really really hate those shots, they hurt for days with me and hurt worse than the actual dental work.  So no shots for this girl.  So for Amy who dreads the dentist, I don’t but it certainly isn’t up there with my favorite things to do.  I can certainly understand why you hate it.  I used to dread it when I would have to get those shots. 

I figure if I can walk around with the large bone in my upper arm broken clean through for a few weeks, and not know it was broke, I can sit a day in a dental chair and get the worst done to me.

Before the accident I don’t know if I could have done these things, my pain level was still pretty high, but it seems now it is really off.  I’ve got more pain desensitization stories but I think what I’ve shared paints a clear picture. 

The PA who diagnosed my broken arm by pulling down on my hand still gets chills thinking about it.  She takes me seriously when I say there is something wrong but I can’t tell her what it is.  She will persist until it is figured out.  Wish I could sense things better physically. 

I guess that is why Luka is so important, I can’t and he can!  He makes a huge difference in my life!  I’ve been able to take less medication since I’ve gotten him!  Yippee!

So hopefully lunch will be with a friend tomorrow, so Jason won’t have to wait the WHOLE DAY IN TOWN with me.  8 hours of finding something to do is beyond what should be expected of him.  He will hopefully be able to drop me off in the morning and then pick me up around 4 or 5.  Becka I am sure hoping you can grab me for lunch!  IMAGE_768

But I fear after this week I won’t see it until spring!  Hurry up spring!  I am sure missing you!  My gloves don’t even seem to keep the wind off of my fingers!  Brrrrr.r…r..r…r.


I’ve got the greatest friends!  I keep getting more and more of them!  While I’ve lost touch with many, lost respect for others, I still treasure the past but I am moving on to the future! 

I’ve branched out and am doing pottery with a new friend, and an old friend, she isn’t old just known for a while… That is new and fun for me, great for getting my hands back in shape.

I’ve been repairing clothing and have just consigned my first batch of it!  Yea!  I was going to sell it on ebay, I still may but I am trying this out first.

I am helping my fab hubby set up to take pictures and sell them.  At least that is the plan.  So if anyone wants their picture’s taken let us know!  He’s taken some great shots so far and he is super cheap!

I have even signed up an paid for a workshop.  Something that I’d stopped doing because I’d been paying all of this money and then not being able to attend and loosing all of my money due to migraines or too much pain or medication to handle attending.

I’ve missed attending all of my workshops, and the latest one is only putting me out $20 and it isn’t a pre pay workshop, I will pay when I arrive on site.  I like that too!  I’d like to sign up for more, but I will be doing this gradually.

My MK business in order to stay current with things needed that, I wasted so much money.  =(!

Isagenix things, well I haven’t done any of those.  I am not shelling out $$ and then not being able to go!  I just as well toss the money out the window while driving down the interstate. 

Ok, so I am finding other things to do to help myself.  Online training!  Online marketing, and email communications!  While not perfect, I find that many times I have a conversation with someone in person and I’ve forgotten things I promised, or what they shared.  I feel stupid asking them to repeat it…

Jason shares often – YES you’ve told me that 3 times now, or you’ve asked me for help with that 4 times now, I get it.  And here I am thinking that this is the first time I’ve mentioned it as I can’t remember if I had or not. 

This week I’ve also sewn a dog bed, actually the insert for a dog bed out of an old falling apart quilt.  Quite ingenious I think.  Folded in half and stitched, folded in half again and stitched before completely stitched it get’s stuffed, and then finished stitching, and Wala!  A dog cushion!  Yea!  We needed another one as the foster dogs we’ve had in the past shredded several of them.  So now I am collecting OLD BLANKETS, they can have holes stains or what ever… SHEETS QUILTS AND LARGE PIECES OF FABRIC will also work great! 

I will attach a picture sometime.  For now all of the latest pictures are on the hubbies computer I don’t have access to them… So check back, it is possible after reading this he will forward the ones I want on to me…. Thanks Honey! 

Well, I’ve gotta go, I’ve just brushed my teeth and I am going to sleep so I can be bright and perky tomorrow for the dental student.  I get a crown and a cleaning!  Yipee!


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